Sunday, November 10, 2013

Conscious and Unconscious Behavior

We are the summation of our memories and the result of our behaviors. These things are in large portion determined by our habits- the things we do because we've grown accustomed to them. These are the result of the programming in the biological computer that is the brain. We no longer think of our habitual behaviors, they just happen automatically because repetition has written new software into the computer's programming. This is why habits are so hard to break.

Habits can be either good or bad. In controlling your habits, you must always make sure that your conscious behavior always overrules your unconscious behavior. A habit is an unconscious behavior. You just do it because you've been programmed to do it. An exercise regimen becomes a habit after a certain amount of conscious repetitions. Similarly, saying or doing things which signify lack of social intelligence is an unconscious behavior because, for better or worse, you have a habit of doing it. How you present yourself with your body language and vocal tones is another fine example.

In creating good habits and good behaviors, it is therefore necessary to make sure conscious good behavior always overrules unconscious bad behavior. This is an advantage high-IQ men have, and we need to utilize it for all it's worth.

Always be aware of yourself and your surroundings. If you are noticing that you are slumping somewhat, strengthen your shoulders. If you notice you are talking in monotone, make a conscious effort to change. If you shy away from approaching, do something to control your fear and take the plunge.

This may require effort, but remember that behavior control- specifically eliminating bad behaviors if not consciously engaging in good ones, is half the battle. Do this until it becomes ingrained and natural, and practice it in the best way that you can.

I used to talk with a rather weak voice and in monotone a lot. I started making videos some years ago and practiced my speaking abilities. The bad behavior described is now almost entirely eliminated. Brief relapses persist, but they are the exception, not the norm. I am very comfortable making presentations to audiences to boot. Hell, it is part of my job. My brain has been rewired.

Now I'm trying to work on slightly fidgety body language when talking, and to talk a bit more slowly- with more conviction and power. The former has diminished significantly, but not to the level that I would like, and I am making conscious efforts to continue the downward trend. Thanks to working out, my body posture is mostly flawless as well.

Your high intelligence allows you to be more aware of yourself and your behaviors. Use it. Conscious Subconscious Behavior

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