Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Quarterly Report - Q4 2014

Well, the year is now coming to an end. It's time for me to reflect on my overall goals for the year.

1. My writing wasn't at as much of a rapid pace in the fourth quarter as it was in the first two, but it was satisfactory enough because it was at a level high enough for me to complete my epic novel. This was a spectacular accomplishment and I rightly feel very satisfied with myself.

2. Those whole thoughts about having social anxiety were bullshit. As I mentioned before, my approach anxiety was totally destroyed this year, another momentous accomplishment. I have become more confident now than I've ever been in my life. After taking a number of MBTI tests and coming across the ENTJ result in most of them, it described my personality and natural thought processes very well. These types are natural leaders, which I always have been. I embraced this and realized that I had many gifts and I was the only one holding myself back. That is now gone. Expanding my larger social circle lagged a bit though, which is something I will not overlook going into the next year.

3. Although I've been slacking in the fourth quarter, especially in December (due to my foot hurting me, not holiday binging), I still have made a couple of modest gains - on my biceps and on my abs. My four pack started to become a six pack. My stomach became even flatter.

4. This is the one that's stalled the most. I did get a modest promotion at work, but not enough to give me the amount of money I want. I took advantage of GamerGate to launch a new site, but it is still in its infancy. I finished my real estate training and will be taking the test to get a certified license in early January. Hopefully 2014 was spent in creating the foundations for the money stream in 2015.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Top Ten Cultural Marxist Blunders of 2014

For those of us in this sphere, 2014 has been pretty remarkable. Cultural Marxism and its warrior-monks, the Social Justice Warriors, got hammered hard. The year didn't begin this way. As a matter of fact it seemed that the Social Justice Warriors would be just as powerful as they were in 2013 if not more. In April they successfully hunted a lion by axing Brendan Eich, creator of Javascript, from his job at the head of Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, simply because he made a small donation to an organization opposed to homosexual marriage in California in 2008 (which at the time was the exact same position Barack Obama had when he was elected). This ex-post facto mob "justice" against such an accomplished and high-status man signified to me that the power of the social justice mob would not be checked any time soon.

The second half of 2014 was quite different however. Through a series of mistakes and blunders on their part, especially in that crucial second half, the power of the social justice mob began to be actively resisted and even repulsed. I did not expect this kind of awakening. I thought that their only opponents would be those communities that were considered fringe such as the anti-feminists in the Atheist community and the Manosphere, who would be doomed to wage a defensive guerrilla war as more and more territory fell.

Then along came these blunders, and they revealed that not only was opposition to Cultural Marxism far more ingrained than I expected, but it really seemed that the archetypal "silent majority" had finally had enough and was beginning to push back. It was Cultural Marxists that were the fringe, albeit backed by the elites. Corruption, cronyism, and nepotism was revealed to such an extent that they perhaps shocked even folks like us. To my astonishment and delight, the forces opposed to Cultural Marxism and its social justice mob began to actively take the offensive in the waning days of 2014. They have cost the social justice industrial complex paragon that is Gawker over a million dollars, forced it to change the way it creates its content, and the FTC is continuing to investigate. Women are now actively renouncing feminism and thinking themselves "cool" for doing so (which chips away at part of what gives feminism credibility in the first place). Through the efforts of a veteran captain in the ongoing war, a mainstream publication was forced to alter its narrative regarding a supposed victim of rape whose account did not add up.

Before my eyes, we were turning into an offensive force, and it was glorious.

Napoleon, that deity of warfare, uttered a famous remark: "never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." While I don't wish to educate my enemies on what they did wrong, Cultural Marxists aren't exactly the sharpest tacks in the shed, so I'm pretty confident that they won't take heed of this.

So without further ado, let's highlight the top ten Cultural Marxist blunders of 2014.

10. Ban Bossy

This one came back in March. The grand idea was to encourage more girls to get into leadership positions. In this regard the campaign was basically benign in its intentions, if overdone, and that's why it does not score higher on the list. The lynchpin of the campaign - its marketing, was that the word "bossy" somehow harmed girls' self-esteem and thus discouraged them from getting into leadership positions. The ridiculous non-sequitur did not go unnoticed, and the result was that the campaign was essentially dead on arrival. In terms of sheer stupidity, this ranks pretty high, but it was far from the "progressive" mob's biggest blunder of the year.

Whoever thought this was good marketing should consider quitting.

9. HeForShe

This was another non-starter emerging in September and was only slightly less ridiculous than Ban Bossy. The gist of this was that everyone's favorite type of feminist - an elite media darling white girl, in this case Emma Watson, made a speech launching a campaign in order to get men and boys to act as agents of change in order to support the movement for women's equality. This wouldn't be such a bad thing if the campaign was directed to places where women are actually oppressed, like Saudi Arabia or Iran, but we know that's not where feminists' priorities lie. Assisting feminists as a man is essentially castrating yourself, and more men than I ever dreamed of realized this in 2014. Men have our own issues that we need to work out. We will not willingly become eunuchs to assist deranged harpies for no one's benefit but theirs. This was immediately called out and the campaign was thus another flop.

This picture tells you everything that you need to know about how they want men to be.

8. The Blessings of Hollaback

Have you heard and perhaps seen that there's this thing called street harassment, and that every day women get harassed by men in droves just by walking outside? Yeah, I haven't either. According to Hollaback, an organization dedicated to "ending street harassment" however, this is a huge problem that women face simply for being women, and it happens constantly. They released much material to prove it this year, including the now-infamous "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman" video in October.

The video, carefully cut and edited, purportedly showed the woman getting "harassed" 100 times, yet most of the comments directed her way were generic come-ons. Two men did follow her when she was clearly disinterested, which was weird and was bad game on their part, but that was the worst of it.

The video was quickly lampooned - not just by those in our sphere, but all over the internet. The fact that the vast majority of the so-called "harassment" came in the form of harmless come-ons was remarked upon by many, and the video very clearly painting black men as the villain for the majority of the time ran afoul of those other branches of the politically correct, Cultural Marxist religion who denounced the racial element. In a hilarious attempt to bridge that divide, some feminists attempted to redirect the problem of harassment to the Cultural Marxist establishment's villain extraordinaire - heterosexual white men. This was only met with further derision.

The motivations behind Hollaback were also questioned. If they were to have their way, normal human interaction would have to essentially be criminalized, a fact that many were wary of.

Hollaback released several of these videos throughout the year (another notable one occurred in July). In many respects Hollaback was the gift that kept on giving in 2014.

The video was so ridiculous that it spawned many parodies, such as this one.

7. Anti-Rape Nail Polish is Actually Rape Culture!

Unless you're totally blind and deaf (is that too ableist for me to say?), you've heard of the existence of this rampant rape culture in the West, especially on college campuses. Rape is so extensive, 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted in some way during their university years, and many assaults go unreported. Date rape and even full-out gang rape are extremely common - or so feminists say.

So you would think that any way to prevent such occurrences would be a good thing in the minds of these people, right? Well, you'd be wrong.

In late August a company by the name of Undercover Colors announced that it was developing a nail polish that could detect the presence of date-rape drugs like Rohypnol and Xanax in drinks. All a woman needs to do is dip her nail into the drink, and if the polish changes color, one of these drugs is present.

How did feminists react to this sensible and easy way to prevent rape from occurring? They crowed like the typical harpies they are. Instead of praising it, they lambasted it. While they are correct about one thing - rape by "roofies" isn't actually that common, they quickly descended into the old cliches - "I shouldn't have to do anything to try to be safer! Teach men not to fucking raaaapppeeeeeee!" This combined with an anti-capitalist ethos (that the creators of the nail polish shouldn't be profiting from their own creation) quickly made the feminists once again a laughing stock, and showed their real priorities. They do not want to do anything productive to actually help women. They want women to be perpetual victims. Otherwise, they are out of a job. Horrified that this turn of affairs would force them to actually have lives instead of bitching on social media and blogs all day, this is something that absolutely must never occur.

As a matter of fact, it's probably (as is so common with Cultural Marxists) a case of projection. They hate people that are productive. This story made many realize it.

They can't be attacking you because you said something stupid. That can't possibly be it!

6. This is What Feminist T-Shirts Look Like

Continuing on with the theme that feminists aren't really interested in helping women so much as spreading their narrative to retain and expand their power, another attempt at outrage backfired on them not too long after the nail polish fiasco. In a case of what is almost akin to blackmail, Prime Minister David Cameron was asked to follow the example of fellow party leaders in Parliament Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg and take a picture wearing a shirt that stated "This is what a feminist looks like." He refused five times.

Well, it turns out that those shirts were alleged to have been made in a sweatshop where the women working earned 62 pence an hour. While it later turned out that not all of these accusations were accurate, the women working in the factories in Mauritius that pumped out the shirts still live in many ways like cattle. What was supposed to have embarrassed David Cameron therefore embarrassed his rivals, but embarrassed feminism even more, its hypocrisy all too apparent.

This is what feminist priorities look like.

5. Ferguson/Staten Island Fallout

While feminism made far and away the most blunders of 2014 (this because feminism and its advocates are the most irrational and visibly so of all the Cultural Marxist branches), race hustling hit the big time this year too.

In July, Eric Garner, a black man selling loose cigarettes on Staten Island, was killed as a complication of a chokehold (banned in the NYPD) instituted by a white officer, Daniel Pantaleo. This was followed by the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black man, at the hands of white officer Darren Wilson in August. Witnesses said that Brown had his hands up and yelled "don't shoot" to Wilson. Tensions began to simmer.

One of these cases was not like the other. Facts later revealed that Brown got into an altercation with the officer, which physical evidence backed up, and everyone worth their salt knows that eyewitness testimony is the lowest form of evidence that can be considered (and not even all witnesses agree on the now-mythical "hands up, don't shoot" account). Garner on the other hand, while committing a crime, did die in a likely needless manner - though he should not have resisted arrest (and if he were in better health, he wouldn't have died - a fact that he is responsible for).

Grand juries in both cases did not indict the officer involved. The result was a Social Justice Warrior firestorm that has lasted to this day. In the conflagration, two NYPD police officers: Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were killed by a deranged gunman who proclaimed his desire to avenge Michael Brown's death, on December 20th. On Christmas Eve, another black man was shot, who, though he pointed a gun at police, the Social Justice Warriors are still raging. Protestors have shut down public places, disrupted traffic, and in truth, are abusing their First Amendment rights. The incidents have also led to riots.

Racial tensions are higher in 2014 than I can ever remember, and probably are at their highest point since the early 90's which included the Rodney King beating and the OJ trial (incidents which I cannot remember very well since I was a very small child). Many people are increasingly getting sick of the protests and the media spin, and are worried that the police will be too timid to enforce laws against blacks due to fears of political incorrectness (as we will soon see below, this leads to frightening results).

The sad fact of the matter is that the police in America have been militarized. Often, they look more like an occupying army than officers of the peace. Despite my SHITLORD level of privilege, I do not feel comfortable around the police. I try to avoid interacting with the police as much as I can. My brother, undoubtedly a fellow SHITLORD, has had some run-ins with them that demonstrate their militant, hostile nature.

The Cato Institute's study on the phenomenon and Radley Balko's Rise of the Warrior Cop demonstrate the situation clearly. Everyone is in danger from militarized police, who all too often turn our streets into a battlefield. However, by making this racially charged, the Social Justice Warriors and the media that sets their narrative have only obfuscated it and divided the populace. While only a minority see this now, more and more will see it in the future, and the Social Justice Warriors have again blundered by their improper reaction to these incidents.

This picture is pretty telling isn't it? It can't just be SWPL shit, right?

4. Shirtstorm

Suppose you're an eminent scientist (Doctor Matt Taylor) who directed a mission that, for the first time in history, landed a spacecraft on a comet. The sheer logistics of the mission were astounding. First the scientists needed to know exactly where the comet would be in order to intercept it and force a landing, then the velocity of the craft relative to that of the comet, and a whole bunch of other things I'm probably unaware of. The mission went off without a hitch. A very small object was intercepted in the infinite vastness of space by an even smaller object and the two met.

It was a startling achievement. It was a day all of mankind should have celebrated. Instead, feminists frothed at the mouth over the shirt Taylor wore on the occasion, which featured images of women in sexy poses and was intended as a tribute to the friend who made the shirt for him, who is startlingly enough, a woman. The firestorm caused Taylor to break down and apologize the next day.

The ridiculousness of the situation need not be explained. It truly speaks for itself. Unfortunately, when I saw Doctor Taylor on a program a week or so later (obviously pre-recorded before the landing day), the first thing I thought of was not this man's accomplishment, but how he ran afoul of feminists.

This could be infuriating, but I look at the good side. Whenever people are reminded of this incident, they will be reminded of feminism in all its narcissistic and neurotic glory - that feminists took an outstanding scientific accomplishment and made it all about them. In terms of public relations, it was a perfect disaster.

Feminism will not soon recover from this PR disaster.

3. The UVA Rape Hoax

I already mentioned the rape culture earlier. In an attempt to craft a heroic expose of the rampant culture of rape at universities, a "journalist" by the name of Sabrina Rubin Erdely penned a piece entitled "A Rape on Campus" for Rolling Stone.

In this triumph of truth, Erdely outlined the story of Jackie, a freshman at the University of Virginia that was subjected to a brutal gang rape by seven men on a table of broken glass in 2012. One of the men threw a beer bottle in her face with such velocity that the beer bottle broke. Jackie was afraid to report the incident so she did not. The story came out in the middle of November. It sparked a huge rage. UVA reacted by banning all fraternities and sororities until January. Protests against the culture of rape followed. The frat house where the rape was supposed to have taken place was vandalized. The fact that there were some prima facie inconsistencies (beer bottles do not, as Erdely contends, break when thrown at someone's face, there should have been a hospitalization record and medical report after such a brutal attack, etc.) in the story did not deter any of this.

Real journalists then began to investigate and discovered yet more inconsistencies in Jackie's account. The frat house where the rape was said to have occurred had no event on the night of the alleged attack (which was supposed to have happened during a frat party as an initiation ritual), Erdely did not even attempt to reach out to the accused, and it later turned out that Jackie was pursuing a man tangential to the story that turned down her romantic advances. The story fell apart. It fell apart to such an extent that Rolling Stone's editor was forced to admit it was faulty and apologize to his readers.

Feminists, once again putting their irrationality on display for all to see, did not renounce the story. Amanda Marcotte (perhaps the Manosphere's favorite unintentional comedienne) contended that it was possible that maybe Jackie just didn't remember the frat at which she was raped, and was quick to call anyone that denied the story a "rape apologist" (where have I heard this before...?). One post coming out of Politico stated, in all-too-truthful terms, that it was a mistake to let fact-finding get in the way of the narrative. I can think of no other sentence that defines this story (which is what it truly is), or feminism and more broadly, Cultural Marxism, better.

Who would have known it was all a hoax? Would they have cared?
2. Rotherham

In the most egregious and terrifying example of feminist hypocrisy this year, which again outlined the fact that feminists do not care about women in all its naked, ugly magnitude, it was reported in August that there was a widespread sexual exploitation ring of at least 1,400 English girls (some as young as 12) who had been targeted by mainly Pakistani men for grooming into the underworld to be trafficked into prostitution, among other horrific crimes.

What was the response from institutionalized and activist feminism? Nothing.

This should remove any and all doubts as to the priorities of third-wave feminism.

However, Rotherham goes beyond feminism. It demonstrated to all the failure of that most holy of Cultural Marxism's holies - the PC pussyfooting and victim narrative around race and "white privilege." Not wishing to upset this ultimate of modern taboos, the British authorities did not respond to clear evidence that the abuses were taking place for over a decade, due to their fear of appearing to be racist. Yes, it seems that a proud people with a warrior past were reduced to letting foreigners exploit their own children in their own homeland due to the cowardice instilled by Cultural Marxism.

That irony and lamentable state of affairs was not lost on the public at large, and the pushback against race hustlers this year has been more than I could have ever dreamed. Like Shirtstorm, the Rotherham revelations were ridiculous on their face, but they were not ultimately harmless amusement. Rotherham was a sinister and horrible chain of events, and the weakness and vacillation of Cultural Marxism was fully revealed.

Rotherham not only bloodied feminists, it bloodied the entire Cultural Marxist religion down to its very core. Hopefully the natural tendency of men to white knight will be put to good use for once, and we can already see this sort of pushback happening. Hopefully it will expand in 2015.

Must not appear racist...must not appear racist...must not appear racist...

1. GamerGate

It might seem ridiculous that a controversy over video games is being placed over blatant and egregious hoaxes such as the UVA rape account or the horrific events of Rotherham, but history is often the result of strange or inconsequential happenstances. As Julius Caesar remarked: "in war, important events often result from trivial causes."

GamerGate was the biggest Cultural Marxist fumble of the year because it is the first time that a serious and organized resistance against the far left's cultural hegemony has been active in a long time. What makes it such a fumble is that it could have been diffused very quickly. The Cultural Marxist elites' own arrogance cost them, when finding a scapegoat and throwing a few bones at their detractors would have likely ended the controversy. However, they went the route of Charles I, who refused to negotiate with Parliament after the end of the First English Civil War when he could have easily retained his crown. The result was predictable.

The saga began in August and broke as a typical run of the mill sex scandal. A developer by the alias of Zoe Quinn was accused of sleeping around to get exposure for her games. While no evidence of a quid pro quo of the sexual kind has ever been found, the fact that her game was mentioned by at least one journalist who she had personal relations with lit a powder keg that was brewing for some time.

Zoe Quinn's role in the situation was quickly overshadowed, just as the assassination of the Austrian Archduke and his wife was quickly overshadowed in the outbreak of World War I. Gamers began to lash out at entrenched journalists that constantly lambasted them and their community for not being "progressive" enough. This is essentially a microcosm of what we have seen in the wider culture, starting especially circa 2010 - academic and media elites preaching the religion of "progressivism" (Cultural Marxism) and punishing dissenters in whatever way they can - whether that be social, economic, or in some cases even legal ways.

The gamers however, unlike other groups the Cultural Marxists have tried this on in the past, rose in open revolt and gored their attackers dearly. The gamers had had enough and stood in resistance, not caring about any of the typical shaming tactics and having the courage to speak against the prevailing orthodoxy. Inspired by their example, other groups gathered together and are forming a still-emerging coalition to oppose Cultural Marxism and its SJW warrior-monks.

GamerGate continues to rage on, and shows no signs of stopping. It will continue to rumble forward in 2015, and I suspect that the power of the coalition that is continuing to gather under its banner will start to dominate some space and deny areas to the Cultural Marxists going forward. This is of course how the Cultural Marxists gained so much ground, and now the war has been renewed, but it will take a long time to achieve victory, if victory is achieved at all.

GamerGate is the first popular rebellion against Cultural Marxist hegemony. Despite its arising over a trivial cause, it is the most important political and cultural event of 2014, and it has set a blueprint for future resistance. It is therefore also the single biggest blunder of 2014 for Cultural Marxism. GamerGate shined light on the Cultural Marxists' hypocritical irrationality and essentially popularized it. The truth will never be as bottled up as it had been before GamerGate again.

Gamers and their allies are in this to win. And we will.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How to Write an Epic Novel

Of the major goals that I had at the outset of the year there were two that I think left the least room for ambiguity and were most achievable. The first was to destroy my approach anxiety. This was a spasm, but the tipping point occurred in June. Given that I can now successfully approach and at least attract interest in seemingly any woman of my choosing, including several models and one decently well-known (in her home country) filmmaker and performer, I think it's safe to say that my approach anxiety has been nuked to the moon.

The second goal was to finish my epic novel. This I began with a furious pace in the first half of the year and delayed in the second half, but kept chipping at it. I'm now extremely gratified to say that I finished it this past Saturday. It was the perfect capstone to end what has been a momentous year. The feeling that I got was at once one of elation and temperance. I didn't want to brag. It seemed that the gratification was enough, and at once reinforced the lesson that accomplished men don't brag as they don't need to. The feeling is enough. It might make for interesting conversation, but there's no need to crow such an accomplishment.

And so, the great creative project of my life has now been completed. It still needs to be edited and pruned of course before any attempt at release, which will take yet more time, but the hardest work - the grunt and toil of putting my creative thoughts to paper (figuratively, of course) is now complete. I no longer need to worry about "writer's block" or any other excuse, because the active creation is finished.

The novel is quite long. I won't say how long, but it is very long, to the point that some have advised me that I may need to split the book in two. We will see how that goes, but writers may ask me how I did such a thing? How do you write a good piece of literature? How do you write an epic novel?

1. Be Well-Rounded in Your Sources

It's a well-known fact that artists steal. Everyone steals. We're all under the influence of someone else. Artistic works are in essence something of an accretion. My influences on the work, consciously and subconsciously, were wide, and this allowed me to have a wide range of material to stand on and enhance the quality of my own writing.

2. Be Knowledgeable of History

My novel is a war story, and so my study of military history (which I have engaged in since the age of 12), has also given me much material to work with, allowing me to paint vivid descriptions of battles and campaigns, and the geopolitical and economic considerations behind the war (as there always are in any armed conflict). No matter the subject matter you're writing about, there is a history behind it. The writer should immerse himself in the history of that subject matter so that he will be able to extract a richness with which to seed his own story.

3. Record Any New Ideas You Have

This was a maxim George Carlin lived by, and it's as relevant here. If you are visited by an inspiration, record it so that you don't forget. Despite what you may think, it's all too easy to forget these ideas. Sometimes you may be inspired to write entire passages even though you aren't at that point in the story yet. Do this. You will get your idea out fully and can put it into the story as needed when you arrive at that point. Whatever you do, don't lose your ideas. Discard them if you are dissatisfied with them later, but never lose them. Always listen to that inspiring voice in your head.

4. Work Little by Little Over a Long Time

As with most things, you will be able to get your project done by working a little bit over a long time. It's difficult for me to keep my attention on one thing for too long. This is a weakness of mine, but it's one that I worked around to get this thing done. The method I wound up using for the most part was rather simple. I would write a page in Microsoft Word an hour during most of my hours of free time. If I went over that, that was good, but I tried to keep up with that schedule. This allowed me to get the lion's share of my book done.

Maybe this method isn't best for everyone. Others might find a set quota of words per day a better way to go. That's fine too. Just find a way to keep eking out the story a little bit at a time so that you find yourself progressing towards the end. Writer's block, I'll contend, isn't so much a block in inspiration as it is hesitation. I thought I had it before, but motivation and this method allowed me to bust through it.

5. Your Story is for You

Ultimately you need to write your story for yourself. Try to make it as high quality as possible of course, and accept nothing less than excellence, but ultimately you need to cater to your own expectations and not what you think other people may desire. There's a word for that when it comes to art and it's called mediocre. In case you haven't noticed, our culture is full of mediocre or downright terrible art. Buck this trend. Your writing is an extension of what rests in your soul and is your commentary on the world. Anything less than this will inevitably devolve into mediocrity.

It was by following these five principles that I was able to complete the work. If any of you out there find yourself writing something similar (or anything really), you need to follow them as well to be successful in crafting something that is of high quality while simultaneously making sure you don't fall into that trap of starting some creative work but never finishing it (a bad habit of mine that I hope I have now dropped with the completion of this work). Begin the task and good luck!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Need for a Higher Calling

A couple of months ago I found myself outside, enjoying the October scenery. It was the height of autumn, and the colorful tapestry of the trees glowing in shades of red and yellow was quite pleasing to the eyes. Amidst the contrast of the concrete jungle that is New York City, it’s quite a welcome diversion to enjoy the parks and get a feel for the natural world as best a city slicker might. That environment is also a natural place to day game, and the fall portrait was not the only thing that pleased my eyes that day.

I quickly spotted a girl to approach, but I began to hesitate. I’m quite a logical and analytical person, as some of you may have figured out by now, and while my analysis is usually correct regarding women to approach versus women to not, I sometimes may miss out on opportunities. She was sitting on a bench, fiddling with her phone. I thought about approaching, but decided against it at first, and walked away. Then I looked back and saw her still sitting there. My mind began to stir, and an inner voice called out to me – “can you stand?” Remembering that encounter, I decided to go back. When the opportunity came, I took it. I’m glad I did.

Out of all the women I have met thus far since starting this journey, she was by far the most interesting. This will not surprise most of my natural readers, but she is from outside the Anglosphere. She’s from Russia, but isn’t an ethnic Russian, hailing instead from the Circassian ethnic minority group in the Caucuses. We sat there on that bench and talked for two hours straight that we didn’t know went by. Naturally we exchanged contact information and while it was troubled by delays and scheduling, I saw her again a few weekends later.

The timing was somewhat amusing to me, because I had another date not 24 hours earlier. My companion from that evening is a sweet, feminine girl whose company I enjoyed, but whose sophistication and grace couldn't compete. I could and did discuss any topic under the sun with her, ranging from the small things to the dilapidation in culture, historical figures in power, the psychology of crowds, whether or not there was free will, and on.

The most interesting part of the date came when she began to go a little bit further into her background and her faith. On our first encounter she told me that Circassians are somewhat of a scapegoat and face social disadvantages in Russia. Unlike her counterparts in the West however, she does not use any of this to play the victim or demand that other people conform to her opinions because she is somehow oppressed. In short: she lacks that element of solipsistic narcissism that comprises the social justice left here in the West.

Instead, she is the type to rise and meet her challenges and get past them, and she has been relatively successful. She mentioned her faith in God, and, no doubt showing my ignorance of the situation and her culture, I asked if she was Eastern Orthodox. She surprised me by replying that she was a Muslim, which is something I wouldn’t have believed. Obviously she practices her faith differently than her Middle Eastern counterparts, but she seemed at least somewhat grounded in it. I contrasted this somewhat with my own background, being an agnostic and believing fervently in extreme libertarianism in my early twenties. My reply was that while I still did not believe in any specific faith, I respect such things more now in my later twenties, and it’s evidenced by the fact that I would far rather spend time with someone like her than any of the people who espouse no true belief in anything other than themselves, who have no higher calling in life or higher devotion. Back in those days of my early twenties, I did not truly believe in anything either, as my extreme libertarianism was a crutch excusing mindless individualism at the expense of any greater culture or belief system, albeit it was a crutch with much more sophisticated logic and germs of truth as compared to the Cultural Marxists whose worldview is entirely based on falsehood.

Quintus Curtius mentioned in an article a while ago that people need to submit to a higher authority, a higher calling. There also needs to be hardship and challenges to overcome. Without these things, society and the self degenerate. I have no doubt that a big part of the reason why she is such a high quality girl – feminine and worldly, was that she grew up in a somewhat traditional family, faced a degree of hardship, and has a higher calling to keep her grounded. She brings value to the world, but her value system keeps her ego in check. She can accomplish things, but has not a hint of arrogance.

After our date ended, I began to contemplate my own existence. There is no question that I have had it very good. There’s also no question that I could have fallen very far and stayed there because of it. Were I a little different, were I someone that did not think as carefully as I do, did not immerse myself in the past and its great works as much as I do, I might very well have fallen into that Cultural Marxist malaise that plagues so many of my contemporaries. Attention whoring on social media never appealed to me, but if my consistent thoughts were only a bit different, who knows what might have happened?

But even though I was mentally grounded in some ways, I still lacked a conflict and a drive. I was taking the easy way out, abandoning myself to, as Louis XIV sneers in hismemoirs “inactivity and indolence.” I was content with mediocrity. There was no conflict to spur me to do great things or higher calling to meet. The Manosphere in a way provided me with that challenge to embrace my own kind of hardship and forge myself in fire. It seemed to have been the missing ingredient and this is its ultimate service to its inhabitants. In a world of untold wealth, an internal, personal conflict to overcome is needed to keep you in a sane place.

Glory is a fleeting thing however, and while I enjoy my newfound glories and still seek more, I wonder if there’s still something more out there that is needed for the soul, something perhaps irrational. I doubt I’ll start to believe in any kind of religion any time soon, but I wonder if its abandonment made me, and society, perhaps shallower than I otherwise would have been. I don’t particularly feel any spiritual void at the moment, but I can safely say that she made me contemplate such matters a bit more thoroughly.

That is perhaps the most rewarding experience of all with meeting her, and why I think it’s important for men here to, in addition to finding their own personal challenges and hardships, to date women from other cultures, since our own is so substantially dead. In addition to soaking in the more typical feminine energy of a foreign girl, you are exposed to a culture that is perhaps not so neurotic, that values more than the mindless license of someone to be an automaton of a consumer culture. There simply needs to be more to life than competing over who can be the first one to get the new iPhone, the most likes on Facebook, or the most orbiters on Instagram.