Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Need for a Higher Calling

A couple of months ago I found myself outside, enjoying the October scenery. It was the height of autumn, and the colorful tapestry of the trees glowing in shades of red and yellow was quite pleasing to the eyes. Amidst the contrast of the concrete jungle that is New York City, it’s quite a welcome diversion to enjoy the parks and get a feel for the natural world as best a city slicker might. That environment is also a natural place to day game, and the fall portrait was not the only thing that pleased my eyes that day.

I quickly spotted a girl to approach, but I began to hesitate. I’m quite a logical and analytical person, as some of you may have figured out by now, and while my analysis is usually correct regarding women to approach versus women to not, I sometimes may miss out on opportunities. She was sitting on a bench, fiddling with her phone. I thought about approaching, but decided against it at first, and walked away. Then I looked back and saw her still sitting there. My mind began to stir, and an inner voice called out to me – “can you stand?” Remembering that encounter, I decided to go back. When the opportunity came, I took it. I’m glad I did.

Out of all the women I have met thus far since starting this journey, she was by far the most interesting. This will not surprise most of my natural readers, but she is from outside the Anglosphere. She’s from Russia, but isn’t an ethnic Russian, hailing instead from the Circassian ethnic minority group in the Caucuses. We sat there on that bench and talked for two hours straight that we didn’t know went by. Naturally we exchanged contact information and while it was troubled by delays and scheduling, I saw her again a few weekends later.

The timing was somewhat amusing to me, because I had another date not 24 hours earlier. My companion from that evening is a sweet, feminine girl whose company I enjoyed, but whose sophistication and grace couldn't compete. I could and did discuss any topic under the sun with her, ranging from the small things to the dilapidation in culture, historical figures in power, the psychology of crowds, whether or not there was free will, and on.

The most interesting part of the date came when she began to go a little bit further into her background and her faith. On our first encounter she told me that Circassians are somewhat of a scapegoat and face social disadvantages in Russia. Unlike her counterparts in the West however, she does not use any of this to play the victim or demand that other people conform to her opinions because she is somehow oppressed. In short: she lacks that element of solipsistic narcissism that comprises the social justice left here in the West.

Instead, she is the type to rise and meet her challenges and get past them, and she has been relatively successful. She mentioned her faith in God, and, no doubt showing my ignorance of the situation and her culture, I asked if she was Eastern Orthodox. She surprised me by replying that she was a Muslim, which is something I wouldn’t have believed. Obviously she practices her faith differently than her Middle Eastern counterparts, but she seemed at least somewhat grounded in it. I contrasted this somewhat with my own background, being an agnostic and believing fervently in extreme libertarianism in my early twenties. My reply was that while I still did not believe in any specific faith, I respect such things more now in my later twenties, and it’s evidenced by the fact that I would far rather spend time with someone like her than any of the people who espouse no true belief in anything other than themselves, who have no higher calling in life or higher devotion. Back in those days of my early twenties, I did not truly believe in anything either, as my extreme libertarianism was a crutch excusing mindless individualism at the expense of any greater culture or belief system, albeit it was a crutch with much more sophisticated logic and germs of truth as compared to the Cultural Marxists whose worldview is entirely based on falsehood.

Quintus Curtius mentioned in an article a while ago that people need to submit to a higher authority, a higher calling. There also needs to be hardship and challenges to overcome. Without these things, society and the self degenerate. I have no doubt that a big part of the reason why she is such a high quality girl – feminine and worldly, was that she grew up in a somewhat traditional family, faced a degree of hardship, and has a higher calling to keep her grounded. She brings value to the world, but her value system keeps her ego in check. She can accomplish things, but has not a hint of arrogance.

After our date ended, I began to contemplate my own existence. There is no question that I have had it very good. There’s also no question that I could have fallen very far and stayed there because of it. Were I a little different, were I someone that did not think as carefully as I do, did not immerse myself in the past and its great works as much as I do, I might very well have fallen into that Cultural Marxist malaise that plagues so many of my contemporaries. Attention whoring on social media never appealed to me, but if my consistent thoughts were only a bit different, who knows what might have happened?

But even though I was mentally grounded in some ways, I still lacked a conflict and a drive. I was taking the easy way out, abandoning myself to, as Louis XIV sneers in hismemoirs “inactivity and indolence.” I was content with mediocrity. There was no conflict to spur me to do great things or higher calling to meet. The Manosphere in a way provided me with that challenge to embrace my own kind of hardship and forge myself in fire. It seemed to have been the missing ingredient and this is its ultimate service to its inhabitants. In a world of untold wealth, an internal, personal conflict to overcome is needed to keep you in a sane place.

Glory is a fleeting thing however, and while I enjoy my newfound glories and still seek more, I wonder if there’s still something more out there that is needed for the soul, something perhaps irrational. I doubt I’ll start to believe in any kind of religion any time soon, but I wonder if its abandonment made me, and society, perhaps shallower than I otherwise would have been. I don’t particularly feel any spiritual void at the moment, but I can safely say that she made me contemplate such matters a bit more thoroughly.

That is perhaps the most rewarding experience of all with meeting her, and why I think it’s important for men here to, in addition to finding their own personal challenges and hardships, to date women from other cultures, since our own is so substantially dead. In addition to soaking in the more typical feminine energy of a foreign girl, you are exposed to a culture that is perhaps not so neurotic, that values more than the mindless license of someone to be an automaton of a consumer culture. There simply needs to be more to life than competing over who can be the first one to get the new iPhone, the most likes on Facebook, or the most orbiters on Instagram.

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