Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Quarterly Report - Q4 2014

Well, the year is now coming to an end. It's time for me to reflect on my overall goals for the year.

1. My writing wasn't at as much of a rapid pace in the fourth quarter as it was in the first two, but it was satisfactory enough because it was at a level high enough for me to complete my epic novel. This was a spectacular accomplishment and I rightly feel very satisfied with myself.

2. Those whole thoughts about having social anxiety were bullshit. As I mentioned before, my approach anxiety was totally destroyed this year, another momentous accomplishment. I have become more confident now than I've ever been in my life. After taking a number of MBTI tests and coming across the ENTJ result in most of them, it described my personality and natural thought processes very well. These types are natural leaders, which I always have been. I embraced this and realized that I had many gifts and I was the only one holding myself back. That is now gone. Expanding my larger social circle lagged a bit though, which is something I will not overlook going into the next year.

3. Although I've been slacking in the fourth quarter, especially in December (due to my foot hurting me, not holiday binging), I still have made a couple of modest gains - on my biceps and on my abs. My four pack started to become a six pack. My stomach became even flatter.

4. This is the one that's stalled the most. I did get a modest promotion at work, but not enough to give me the amount of money I want. I took advantage of GamerGate to launch a new site, but it is still in its infancy. I finished my real estate training and will be taking the test to get a certified license in early January. Hopefully 2014 was spent in creating the foundations for the money stream in 2015.

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