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Game for ENTJs

I've been taking some MBTI tests recently. And yes, I know there are some problems with the MBTI, but I do find it to be generally accurate when it comes to describing my overall personality as well as those of some individuals I have interacted with regarding compatibility and other issues.

The result I tend to get across multiple tests is ENTJ:

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(Never is an alias I use on another forum.)

Sometimes I get ESTJ, but ENTJ seems to describe me a bit better. A basic description of the ENTJ personality can be found here and here.

This personality type is generally rare, occurring in about 2-5% of men and 1-3% of women. It is also sometimes called the Executive, the Field Marshal, or the Chief, because ENTJs are quick to take command and are strategic thinkers, which often makes them successful leaders.

I must say that I believe that this is one of the best personality types for game. It is distinctly masculine and is often associated with alpha animals. There are also some disadvantages though, and I will go over these as well.

Advantages of the ENTJ personality type:

1. Leadership

ENTJs are considered to be natural leaders, as described above. In detailed corporate surveys, ENTJs are heavily disproportionate when it comes to leadership positions. If you are this personality type, you will likely have a lot of energy and vigor, with intellect to match, and you will thus take control of your social interactions more often than not.

This will naturally tend to make you the leader in your interactions with women, and this is one of the most important parts of your game. Frame control and decisiveness are crucial aspects of attracting and seducing women, and the ENTJ personality has these characteristics in spades. You should find that taking the lead and leading your woman on your dates is not only easy, but second-nature, because you already tend to do this with your other interactions and have for as long as you can remember. And because of your developed intuition, you will be able to see far ahead, make plans, and adapt as the situation develops.

2. Conversation

You should find that, because of the said energy and intelligence you will tend to have, you should make for an excellent conversationalist. You will come across as passionate and interesting, and women will definitely enjoy your company.

3. Potential

You will likely have some degree of ambition, and you will be able to communicate this well. You will have a pride and a desire to be the best you can be. Women will be attracted to it.

4. Smart Decision-Making

Because your intuition will tend to be highly-developed, you will be better able to take in information and make smart decisions. For instance, you will be better able to recognize girls that are more likely to be receptive to your approach and you will be more able to adapt and wait for opportunities to develop. You will not go off half-cocked.

5. Logical Dominance

Louis XIV said that the "surest method of acquiring glory is always to follow the dictates of reason."

As an ENTJ man, your logical mind will dominate your thoughts and actions. You will thus follow the dictates of reason. As a result you are less liable to make emotional decisions and are more likely to come across as being non-needy. Since neediness is an emotion that is somewhat foreign to you (and since you are already interesting and intellectually oriented, you do not find your identity in others).

6. Opportunistic Mentality

ENTJs tend to see everything as a challenge and a learning experience. Because of this, you will probably not only learn very quickly (gaining competency at game with comparatively little experience compared to other types), but you will also (if you have the right mindset) adopt the right mentality of brushing off failure and merely learning from it, rather than getting caught up in it.

These are traits that, if you develop them, will greatly help you in your game. However, there are also some cons to this personality type that you need to be aware of and avoid:

1. Analysis Paralysis

This is far and away the most problematic part of the ENTJ personality in my experience. While your logical intuition is usually one of your greatest assets, it can also be a big curse when it comes to game. Much of game is simply holding your breath and going for what you want by putting yourself out there.

Yet because of the highly developed intuition of the ENTJ, there may be some hesitation where it is not warranted. You may try to analyze and try to have everything be "perfect" before you make a move. Suffice to say, the three second rule is difficult for me to follow, which helps me in some instances, but can also hurt me in others.

To give an example, a couple of weeks ago I saw a very hot girl (who seemed to be from Brazil, given the towel she was using was the Brazilian flag) who displayed ample signs that she was open to being approached. Having used my intuition to conclude this (the good part), I nevertheless hesitated for too long, looking for the "perfect moment" (the bad part). I wasn't counting on some other guy approaching (I barely ever see it), but this time it happened, and I lost out.

I was upset with myself for the rest of the day.

You will likely need to consciously remember to tamp down this bad part of your thought processes.

2. Emotional Blocks

Since you are likely to be such a heavily logical thinker, you may find a bit of trouble discussing things on an emotional level with women.


Due to your distinct preference for judging over perceiving, you may find yourself putting a lot of pressure on yourself to make quick decisions and commit yourself. Because you feel the immediate need to create structure, it may get you too caught up in your own head and thus, back to analysis paralysis. It may also cause you to be too conventional and hesitant to try out new ideas.

There is a certain type of "Zen" mentality that works well with game ("giving a fuck but not giving a fuck" in the words of one astute commenter at ROK). But this "Zen" mentality is somewhat alien to the ENTJ thought process, given the prevalence of judging.

This block need not be crippling, but it is something you need to be aware of and work on.

4. Self-Criticism

ENTJs are known to hold themselves (and others) to very high standards. If you fail to meet them, you might be too down on yourself and begin to have doubts. This is something you will actively need to combat. When it comes to game, "failure" is the norm, not the exception. You will thus need to train yourself to redefine what failure truly means. You will also need to accept the inevitability of not getting what you want and to not make it a big deal. The good news is that with a little experience, this mentality should get ingrained quickly.


The ENTJ type has much potential when it comes to game, with many strengths. However, the weaknesses can be substantial and work against you too. The good news is that your standard cognitive strengths should allow you to deal with those weaknesses given enough experience, and your strengths should also be maximized quickly.

Go on and game, my fellow ENTJs. The world was meant to be yours for the taking. A little confidence in yourself will let your cognitive powers take charge. Women will love it.

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