Saturday, January 31, 2015

Frustrations in Game

Although the story about his dad is not true (they did this to set Arnold up as the douchebag champion for Ferrigno to beat), the words he begins with at the start of the clip are undeniably true and reveal Arnold's mindset that made him a winner. If you let an "outside negative force come in and effect you", you are dead in the water, in anything.

As far as game is concerned, there are a lot of these outside negative forces. You need to be prepared for these or you will be bitterly disappointed and possibly give up. Logistics and flakes can often bite you in the ass, and it can be incredibly frustrating. The point is to not let it get to you and cut those emotions off.

One such incredibly frustrating example occurred yesterday. The full description of the approach can be found here, but to paraphrase:

1. I'm coming home. On the way I see two hot girls walking. One of these two is the hottest girl I've seen in two months.
2. While two betas emerge from a building and gawk at them before pussying out, muttering excuse after excuse among themselves, I smirk inwardly and open the girls. The girls are recent arrivals from Norway. The hotter one just got here a couple of weeks ago (and players will know that those girls tend to be more DTF).
3. I quickly dominate the scene with some screening and compliance tests. I get the two girls to follow me. The really hot girl with huge blue eyes is immediately attracted. The friend was no slouch either but I could feel her gradually becoming more distant. Such a thing is natural.
4. They begin to mutter about going to a coffee shop and I suggest a few places, but gradually the frame begins to shift and I did not want to buy into theirs. Had the friend not been there, I'd have gotten the hotter girl on an instant date, no questions asked.
5. Not being able to do this, I have to ask for a phone number. Hotter girl agrees immediately and gives me hers. Problem is, her phone is not yet active (sounds weird, I know, but I confirmed the truth of this). I still do have her number.
6. Frame begins to slip from me more and I try to get her email. She talked about Facebook but given my natural revulsion towards it I refused at first. I should have just taken it and left. The parting ended amicably, but I did not have the extreme dominance I had when it began.

As you can see, had circumstances been only slightly different, things would have gone a lot differently. I'd have gotten this gorgeous girl on an instant date and if her phone had been active I would have been able to part in a better place. Instead what happened happened. There's probably not much I can do except text her in a few days to see if the phone is active, and even if it was, I would not be surprised if it the text was dead on arrival.

Once again, logistics got in the way of what would have otherwise been a perfect pick up. This can be incredibly frustrating. Believe me, when you have a girl that hot eating out of the palm of your hand only for things to get derailed at the last minute, the natural instinct cannot be one that isn't frustration.

But like Arnold said, you need to cut those emotions off and be cold, analyzing what happened rationally and learning from it. The takeaway from this for me was this:

My in-person game is top notch. It's so top notch that I can now easily open groups of hot girls on the street, be dominant with them, and attract the hottest girls.

This is huge progress for someone who was suffering from very bad approach anxiety less than a year ago.

This is a mindset I need to take into my text and phone game now, which I have viewed as a problem and have for too long bought into the old PUA bullshit. In addition to building up more comfort in my approaches (I believe this is a problem in that I build up a lot of attraction but not enough comfort), I need to convey that I'm entitled to that pussy in all things, not just in person.

2015 certainly has started off well.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Things to do in 2015

Let's hit the ground running. I don't believe in New Years' resolutions as readers of this blog might already know. They should be extensions of things you're already doing. Nevertheless, you need a vision and a plan for yourself every year. So it's time to outline them:

1. The major theme of this year will be more money. I created some foundations last year, but it's time to bring them to fruition this year. Now that I'm fully in the game, my logistical situation could still use some improvement, and I need the money to get there. And now that my book is finally done, the bulk of my creative energies can now be freed to go into my websites (the Outskirts Battledome Wiki, Showdown of Arms, and the Stand Alone Gamer) to build that part of an alternative stream of income. This also means building my online profile further. I'll be getting my real estate sales license in a matter of days, so that will also be an alternative source of income.

Basically, I should unleash the bulk of my creative energies this year into securing that income and ultimately independence in never needing to work for a boss again. That particular part could take many years, but every year should get me closer to it.

2. Now that my book is done, I need to edit and prune it, and get it to a professional if necessary. I can't guarantee that anyone will publish it of course, but I should have it in a state ready to be published this year.

3. I want to up my workouts this year. I made some good gains in 2014, but I want to continue and accelerate them this year. I can't have a set goal in a certain amount of muscle to be gained because the body is too unpredictable for that, but I do want to up my routine and get fully on Victor Pride's Body of a Spartan program.

4. As far as game goals go for the year, I want to up my social circle and online game. I've always tended to eschew phones and their apps, but the writing is on the wall and these things aren't going away. While cold approach is much more fun, online game isn't going away and can be a lot more efficient.

As you can see, my goals for this year are largely similar to my goals for last year, because my vision hasn't changed. The details have changed somewhat, but not the vision. If I had to pick a personal theme in my life, it would be the old British folk song Over the Hills and Far Away. It's a perfect song of adventure, submission to an authority higher than yourself, and proving yourself as a man by taking on a strong adversary, which is the only way to achieve glory.