Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Things to do in 2014

New Years' Resolutions are pretty lame. The large majority of people who say they're going to stick to them fail to. Maybe this is because they set goals that are too big to realistically accomplish, but an even more valid reason is because most people are lazy and take the path of least resistance. They aren't really serious about accomplishing what they say they want to accomplish. My first-ever post on this blog was called "Laziness is a Cancer." It's very true.

I've suffered from laziness and lack of motivation just as much as anyone. 2013 has been a great year for me development-wise. I discovered game at the end of 2009, and started to incorporate some of its lessons (mostly internally), but the laziness bug hit again and I fell off the path. I was just floating like a leaf in the breeze, getting by, as most men do. My mind was of course active, but my body wasn't.

Getting back into things in 2013 has put me on the correct path, but I'm still not where I want to be. I want to take myself to greater heights in the coming year. To that end I've formulated a list of goals that I want to work on- not in gigantic leaps, which is a strategy that's bound for failure more often than not, but goals I can take in little, incremental steps. Roosh's video shows the proper attitude:

Firstly, I need to write a whole lot more. I think this is my most important goal. If there's one thing that's the surest way for me to secure my fame and fortune in this world, my writing is it. I've been working on an epic novel since the end of 2008, and I need to be determined to finish it this year. I hit some writer's block in the past, but my new spirit of motivation has allowed me to bust through it, and it's that momentum that I need to keep (reinforced by other things I do). I really do think the book can be a big winner, not just for me, but for the world of the arts that has suffered from such mediocrity. This isn't me bragging. Almost everyone I've ever met or who has reviewed my writings remarks on how talented of an author I am. To boot, I have some very powerful connections in the publishing industry through family friends. In other words, the talent, and the opportunity are there, and I need to take advantage. My course of self-improvement throughout 2013 has made me see this far more clearly, and is a more powerful force than the writer's block or simple laziness and lack of motivation that I've suffered in the past.

Secondly, I need to put myself in more social situations, and just talk to more people in general. The 18th law of power tells the listener to not build fortresses, because isolation is dangerous. It's true. Though it was never diagnosed, I believe I may suffer from a mild form of social anxiety, which can translate into pretty bad approach anxiety. I think this anxiety comes more from my own beliefs than anything else, however. I can be pretty gregarious if I let myself be, and I'm a pretty good conversationalist. I never had trouble making friends. So I need to change these beliefs and let this better self shine through, little by little. There's a good post on the Roosh V Forums about the mind following the body's lead. I believe this is more or less true. You can try to program your mind to do what you want, but the best programming is real action, which can deliver good experiences and thus, pleasant memories that work as the mind's new coding. We are, after all, the sum of our memories. It's something straight out of Ghost in the Shell, and it's true. I therefore need to take social action- not just in approaching, but in all things.

Thirdly, I need to hit the gym, hard. I started working out again in August and I believe this was the turning point of the year. After that, I've felt great. My discipline encouraged me to take up other good habits, and the testosterone boost naturally made me feel more motivated to get things done. Aesthetics wise, my shoulders have noticeably broadened, my chest is noticeably more muscular, my arms and thighs noticeably bigger, and I have a visible six pack and obliques (not a washboard stomach, but they are visible). These have been good results, and I want to take my workout to the next level now. I'll grow even more confident if I can get my lats to flare up more and if I really can get that washboard stomach, as well as even broader shoulders. Working out harder will also reinforce the other things I want to get done by increasing my testosterone and keeping me motivated.

Fourthly, more money. I think one of the biggest things I need to do is to make my logistical situation better. I want a higher-paying job that will also set me on the path to starting the business I want to start in the future by building a network of clients. How to do this? I need to be more active in looking, that's all there is to it. If I can't become a famous author as described in my first goal, my fallback plan is to become a behind-the-scenes powerbroker in local politics. So, I need to step up to the next level now.

I also want to take greater advantage of my Google Adsense account that goes beyond the tiny sums I'm making with these blogs and my YouTube videos. When it comes to Adsense, I believe forums are the best way to make massive amounts of money, because of the interactivity they encourage. As you know, military history is a long-time hobby of mine, and I might as well use that to make some money. I have experience with forums and networks I can tap into to help the thing get off the ground, and my vision for it is to make it a user-generated multimedia library just as much as a forum- its own brand, so to speak. It's a grand idea, but if the owner of Naruto Forums can make around $50-$60k a year just from that site alone, it speaks for the power of the program when used correctly.

And so there they are, my four major goals to work on little by little in 2014. With the right motivation and peer pressure to help me along, I think they're achievable. But of course, you mustn't take it too personally if you don't achieve what you intended. That puts too much pressure on yourself- another reason why I believe New Year's Resolutions fail more often than not for most people. You must detach your goals from your internal self-worth. And so I will.

Happy new year to all my readers! New Years 2014 Goals Resolutions

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