Friday, December 6, 2013

Analyzing the 10 Scale

Ah yes, the infamous 10 Scale, wherein men rate women's attractiveness on a scale of 1-10. It shows its sophomoric mentality in that there are widespread disagreements. The very nature of the gesture will inevitably lead to exchanges like this:

Guy 1: "You see that chick?! She's definitely a 10!"

Guy 2: "No way, 7.5 at best!"

And so on.

This is because, naturally, beauty is subjective- highly subjective. We can generally all agree on who's attractive and who isn't (especially on who is not just unattractive, but hideous), but this is as far as it goes. Tastes and preferences will vary widely. Yet, the 10 Scale as used in much of the game community is supposed to be a more objective way to measure a woman's beauty- in order to give the man approaching her a general idea and mentality that he will need to have to pick her up (based mostly around the amount of attention she gets). This is obviously a broad stroke. Too broad, in fact, for me to believe it has any true descriptive or predictive power. There's simply too much up in the air. She might be having a bad day, you just might not be attractive to her, no matter what you do, and so on. She might not even get half the attention that, let's say, an "8" is "supposed" to get. When taken to the extreme, the 10 Scale is almost a double-blind tool of measurement.

Nevertheless, this isn't to say it is entirely baseless in reality. Beauty more properly is intersubjective. That is, a woman's overall attractiveness can most accurately be measured by a consensus from a large cross-section of men. When applied to the 10 Scale, she will be placed in the range that the consensus places her in. If most men say she is around a 7, that's where she generally will be.

Obviously this is too broad to be used on any single woman at a particular moment, which again in my mind makes it meaningless to be applied too enthusiastically when trying to pick up a girl.

However, I've played around with the idea of a 10 Scale based on this criteria, and it can roughly be applied based on certain preferences that are more or less universal among men, given the findings of evolutionary psychology:

1: This is a woman that has a grotesque physical deformity. Whether that be caused by birth (presumably under some horribly unlucky star) or by an accident. Simply being in her presence causes a mechanism of revolt in men, who will instinctively try to flee as far as they can- quickly.

2: A woman that does not have a deformity, but is truly ugly. She is likely morbidly obese and has a face that will cause gags on sight, usually with unkempt hair and terrible teeth.

3: This is your typical landwhale. She might even try to take care of herself appearance-wise. Some of these might even be attractive if they simply lost weight. But their weight is simply too big a drag on their attractiveness to warrant attention from any but the most desperate of men.


4: This woman is generally unattractive. She might be a bit fat, but isn't a landwhale or obese. This is what might be described as "homely." However, her unattractiveness is not absolute and she will usually have one feature that might get her some attention- a notable rack or ass for example. Her face will always be unattractive.

5: This is the low-average woman. Her face is OK and she's at least thin. Sometimes she might be a bit chubby but have some compensating factor.

6: The high-average woman. She has a good face and a decent body. She will get her fair share of male admirers.

7: This is an attractive woman. She will have a cute face and a nice body, but something is holding her back from breaking into the stratosphere of attractiveness. Nevertheless, she will be often admired by men.


Most girls will naturally fall into the 4-7 range. Unfortunately, the obesity epidemic is shooting a gargantuan amount of women down into the 3 range. Beyond the 7 range are the well above average girls that most men truly fantasize about.

8: This girl will have a cute face and a solid hourglass figure. T&A will be in ample supply.

9: A true beauty. She will have a face that men dream about (not just a cute one, but a beautiful one) along with her hourglass figure. All of her assets are perfectly in order. This is the type of woman that is celebrated in song and story, that men feel tempted to perform kingly feats in order to woo.

10: You'll find many that say "there is no such thing as a 10, because a 10 implies perfection." This of course merely begs the question of the validity of using a "10 Scale" in the first place. Perhaps the best description of a "10" is this: a 9 with an added feature that suits a man's personal tastes. For instance, I'm generally very attracted to women with blonde hair and blue eyes (a bit vanilla Americana perhaps, but there you go). A "10" to me then, will be a 9 with blonde hair and blue eyes that act as the icing on the cake.

As you can see, a lot of this is still highly subjective. Our definitions of "cute" might vary, for instance. Still, this is the most "objective" 10 Scale I can really think of, which might show some correlation in a scientific survey if carried out.

So, as you might expect, the moral here is to drop the 10 Scale. Not only is it too broad-based to serve as a useful tool when it matters (except to identify the most unattractive women, but who wants to waste time on them anyway?), it also often puts undue pressure on the man. It puts the woman on a pedestal and might prevent a man from expressing his true identity confidently.

Instead of focusing on and worrying about how much attention you think a woman has gotten, it is far better to simply invest in yourself and become an attractive man. Stop worrying about objectifying the women you want or have relationships with on the 10 Scale and start living.

As an alternative, I've adopted Mark Manson's rating system:

Not Attractive: A woman I have no interest in.
Attractive: A woman I would be interested in developing a relationship with, but am not willing to make a large investment in.
Very Attractive: A woman I would be interested in developing a relationship with, and am willing to make a large investment in.

This will be far easier to define, even on an intersubjective level, and what's more, you're basing your rating on your interests, not hers. 10 Scale Women Girls Attractiveness

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