Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Always Be In Motion

The key to being a complete man? I've discovered that it's actually very simple, and it's independent of anything external. It's easy. It's not something you need to work for. It's not something that needs to be handed to you. It's not something that you need to take. You have the ability in you all along. Much discussion has been centered around acquiring a good frame, well, I think it's pretty simple.

Always be in motion.

Stasis is death. I should know.

It doesn't matter how fast you move. On some days you will move faster, and on others you will move slower. Just have your ends defined and move toward them. Do what you can do, every day.

If you can't do one thing, do something else.

Injured and can't work out? You've got another end, I hope. If you're writer, write something, and hold yourself accountable for not getting to where you intended.

If you aren't working for some reason, lift weights. Lift and look for something.

Afraid to approach women? That's OK. Everyone is. Work on it and at the same time progress in other goals. It will build you into a better man and thus give your more confidence.

Everyone has different goals, but progress towards them. Never remain in stasis.

Most people are in stasis. They're not serious about getting the things they say they want. They live day-to-day, doing their menial tasks.

Don't be like that. I used to be like that until a year ago. But I changed my thought process and resolved to take action, and I have continued in that ever since.

And it's important that you change your thoughts, because they are your constant companions. You become what you think about, but you need to have the desire and the dedication to take action, big and small. This is how you are in motion, you put your thoughts into motion by your actions.

If there is one thing that can be described as "alpha," this is it. Alphas are always in motion. They always lead, always take the initiative. They are never supplicating (unless it's a ploy for power, in which case it's still proactive). They are never in stasis, never passive.

It's really this simple. Examine any successful man in history and he will have this quality. Look at my list of the twenty men whose traits I seek to incorporate into my own personality. It is a diverse list. It ranges from vagabonds to kings, but they all had one thing in common: they were always in motion.

This is the secret to "alphadom" and success. Even when you talk of pure game, it involves you being in motion with women, you leading, commanding, never being passive.

Doing things, even if only a little at a time, adds up to a big difference over a relatively short period. Just keep at it. Keep on moving, and never lose sight of your goals. Never let a thought of doubt poison your mind.

You must have a grounded identity (which you acquire also through thinking, hobbies, the books you read, etc.) and an unfailing confidence in your own greatness. Being constantly in motion, even if only in your thoughts, will give you that confidence, which will increase with accretion.

If you are internally grounded, and externally in motion, there will be little that can get in your way.

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