Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Bardic Circle Episode 4: Books for Ascension

The fourth episode of the Bardic Circle focuses specifically on books to achieve understanding and self-actualization as a man, with current events commentary in the first half.

- Intro.
- 2:08: A personal story of someone raging at me over my position that children's cartoons should not be propagandized with politicized themes such as "no means no," criticism of Steven Universe.
- 10:06: The battle lines being drawn as social interaction breaks down rapidly, echo chambers on the internet.
- 13:50: Donald Trump's continued dominance of the public discourse, the GOP debate on August 6th, Trump's "simplistic charisma."
- 17:29: Donald Trump's policy book - Time to Get Tough, is Donald Trump dangerous? Donald Trump being a necessary bulldozer to destroy the current zeitgeist, the Islamic threat as Europe "hugs its way into non-existence."
- 21:55: The "Cuckservative" term, the Cuckservative establishment fearing Trump, the castrating influence of lobbyists on both parties, the breakdown of the two party system, the tightrope we must walk as the system breaks down and we march against the enemy.
- 26:17: Brief intermission as I ramble.
- 28:20: Intermission ends, Jeb Bush having zero game, Trump's magnificent game exemplified as he turned the tables on Gawker's dox, Gawker as a sinking ship.
- 33:06: Beta male publishes a dubious rape claim as a way to discredit Trump, the go-to strategy in the current culture being "when in doubt, cry rape," the leftist labeling and victim tactics losing their impact, MTV's White People, shit hitting the fan when whites cease feeling the leftover guilt from the Second World War - the potential and the danger, the people whining about "white privilege" being privileged themselves in the truest sense.
- 41:03: A new project I've begun, the insanity going back to a pharaoh named Akhenaten, conservative forces historically winning out against deconstructionist revolutions - but not now because they were trashed by the World Wars, conceptions of conservatism in different times and places and brief periods of awakening.
- 49:39: Trump coming at exactly the right time - the hour is late.
- 53:51: Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner being ripped by his or her own transgender allies over tax money paying for gender transitions, which is already happening in New York.
- 57:53: Brief technical difficulties.
- 1:01:42: Tech difficulties over, the previous theme continued, Andrew Cuomo as governor.
- 1:04:04: The narcissism and self-centered nature of many in the LGBT movement - how they need to infiltrate and co-opt any little thing in the name of "gay equality," gay Boy/Cub Scout leaders (with a personal story), the FDA's possible ending of their lifetime ban on gays giving blood being a public health issue.
- 1:22:07: The history of the left's cavalier attitude to HIV/AIDS, as Thomas Sowell outlines in his Vision of the Anointed.
- 1:30:50: The Vision of the Anointed continued in a summary.
- 1:31:40: SJW's trying to get Roosh banned from Canada, "Verbal Inflation" as described in Vision and how one crazed Canadian feminist using it.
- 1:38:42: The decreasing sanity of society as all traditions and tempering influences are destroyed in succeeding generations of the anointed, as Sowell writes at the end of Vision.
- 1:40:55: Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers as a warning about societal stagnation and degeneration into fascism as the only escape valve from an increasingly insane "Progressivism."
- 1:50:32: Fiction as social commentary continued in Homer's Iliad - force as man's master and a stark warning about the contemporary deconstruction of the military under "social justice" auspices. Those without power will forever be at the mercy of those that have it, all social conventions and niceties can only exist within the context of the force to defend them.
- 1:56:11: Gone Girl, the disincentives toward marriage, and the price signals that marriage is a bad play for men. Some of the changes are good and some are bad, but humans need more than the continuation of their blood.
- 2:00:08: Society forcing relationships to two extremes - celibacy or promiscuity, and the monosphere often acting as the transition between these two extremes. Neither are very fulfilling.
- 2:05:26: Wasting time in your early 20's as not being terrible. Growth takes time.
- 2:06:19: The Homeric hero, and some of his drawbacks.
- 2:07:15: Homer's Odyssey, its outlining of the ideal relationship (as seen between Odysseus and Penelope) as that being a union of mind, how that relationship is disincentivized today - but as also seen in the Odyssey, it takes many defeats before you attain victory - it requires effort. You must suffer before you triumph, and your worth as revealed in that suffering.
- 2:12:16: The Odyssey continued, Agamemnon as a warning against easy triumph and complacency, particularly around women, Odysseus' victory coming out of suffering and also due to his careful navigation in his relationships with women - women can be dangerous to a man.
- 2:17:28: Aristotle's Nicomachaean Ethics, the Doctrine of the Mean as a source of living a good life every day.
- 2:18:19: Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, the Conan stories by Robert E. Howard, J.R.R. Tolkien's two conceptions of masculinity - the great men/the philosopher kings who lead through experience, and the simple man fighting for his own. The difference between Tolkienesque versus Homeric manliness.
- 2:30:02: Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell, the desire to serve your homeland, the mindset that makes a SEAL described in the book, with some passages, the connecting bridge between Tolkienesque and Homeric heroes as seen in Luttrell.
- 2:36:42: A prescient passage in Starship Troopers, a cautionary tale of low information and low quality voters.
- 2:38:56: The memoirs of Louis XIV, which delves into power, respect, attention, leadership, and work ethic.
- 2:39:57: The memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.
- 2:40:29: Some passages from Louis XIV's memoirs and Marcus Aurelius' Meditations on your associates and mindset.
- 2:45:08: The virtue of memoirs as a means of communication directly with the men that wrote them, a magic, as Carl Sagan said, that transcends space and time. Will there be similar memoirs written? The True Glory philosophy hopes there will be.
- 2:47:53: Marcus Aurelius: "Our life is what our thoughts make it." How you program your brain depends on your thoughts and more importantly, actions. You are your thoughts and actions. It is not enough just to think - this was the fatal conceit of the Pythagoreans and Platonists.
- 2:49:29: Carl Sagan and Cosmos.
- 2:53:01: Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich for mindset and putting yourself on the path to be great and attain your goals, and the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene to get what you want socially.
- 2:55:49: The similarities between all of what these men have said over centuries. It can be taken as a calling that we are right and the freaks we despise are wrong.
- 2:57:12: The works of Theodore Roosevelt, Roosevelt's life and masculine example, with a mention of Cicero. Theodore Roosevelt's Naval War of 1812, and his speeches.
- 3:00:04: What we're reading now - Malazan Book of the Fallen, and The First World War: A Very Short Introduction, the importance of understanding World War I, All Quiet on the Western Front, Mein Kampf as giving you an insight into the social mania of the post-World War I Germany and the stark warnings of demagogic manipulation, Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger.
- 3:07:52: Conclusion, the need to combine self-actualization with a broader social purpose.

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