Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Post About Political Senses of Entitlement

I'm running for mayor on 12 issues. If you agree with me on 9 of them, vote for me. If you agree with me on all 12, see a psychiatrist.
This was one of the famous witticisms of the 105th Mayor of New York City, Edward Irving Koch, who I had the good fortune of meeting a few times before his death in early 2013.

It's also this Koch-ian pragmatism that I think a lot of younger guys just don't get. I get your desire for perfection in politics. I was there in my late teens and early twenties. Perhaps it's simply a necessary part of life. You need to go in guns blazing. You need to learn to shoot first before you can become a sharpshooter. I used to be a hardcore libertarian to the point that I was an Anarcho-Capitalist.

But years of experience and thought will change your perspective, even if you remain essentially a "radical." You realize that it pays not to have a political sense of entitlement.

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