Saturday, July 27, 2013

Conservatives Make Happier People?

So, you might have heard of a study that came out correlating those with conservative or rightward-leaning views to be happier than those with leftward-leaning views. Setting-aside the humorous notions that general beliefs about lower taxes and less-intrusive government are labeled "authoritarian" by the study (in fairness of course, there is the uptight religiosity), I took the time to ponder this.

I personally wouldn't label myself as a conservative. I'm a registered independent that tends to lean leftward in some areas and rightward in others (I support universal healthcare, but generally desire lower taxes, for example). If anything, I'm a pragmatist that leans libertarian when possible. I'm generally a happy and content person.

Now think for a moment about your typical people espousing leftist movements (I don't call them liberals for a few good reasons, but I won't go into that here)-  ideological feminists, Occupy Wall Streeters, race baiters of all kinds as we've seen in the recent Trayvon Martin case, and in general, acolytes of the Egalitarian Religion. Browse around Tumblr and you're bound to run into them. Take a look at the things they say, the things they write, and how they convey their thoughts. Don't you notice a theme of anger? It's an old joke that feminists (or more accurately, those that identify themselves as such and are active parts of the movement) are typically angry, ugly girls, and now there seems to be data that tells us that it's more than just a passing comedy act.

Remember, I'm not talking about the everyday people that are on the left personified by say, Bill Clinton or Ed Koch. Those types are generally rational and straightforward people. They fight for what they believe are the interests of the middle class and to give the poor a fairer shake. They don't wrap themselves up in the mantle of victimhood or seek to do penance for some imagined sin that someone else committed. Tuthmosis at Return of Kings is a good example of this in the "Manosphere," which naturally, tends to lean conservative or libertarian. He explored this dynamic very well in one of his columns. The people I work with are generally left-leaning independents. They are happy people. I like them and I get along well with them.

It is instead the heirs of the Frankfurt School, the egalitarian acolytes that are the ones that ooze with anger, and are the ones that I generally believe are unhappy. It's not hard to see why that is. When you constantly examine everything with critical theory (very telling words), you generally aren't going to be very happy with the world. You perceive injustice everywhere. You want to destroy all that is around you so you can correct such injustices, which are so pervasive and ingrained that they are unavoidable. You are either a victim or forcing yourself to apologize for privilege. You don't act on your desires because they may be seen as insensitive or politically incorrect. See that woman over there? You don't approach her because you're afraid she might be offended. You are constantly policing the behaviors of others so that they fall in line with your worldview, and denigrating them if they don't. You are constantly offended and seek the approval of others to recognize your egalitarian credentials. It is a depressing and lonely worldview.

A belief system that constantly tells you that you are either a victim or guilty, even without you knowing it or doing anything to earn such status, cannot be conducive to happiness. It will make its believer lash out, and generally without direction.

If there is one thing that men today must avoid, it is these pernicious and destructive Frankfurt legacy leftist movements, the Egalitarian Religion. Fear not for speaking out for things like universal healthcare or greater financial regulation. There is no logically valid reason why one must follow the other. Conservatism Political Correctness Happiness

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