Monday, July 29, 2013

Profile of an Alpha Series

In this series I'll be compiling profiles of the lives of the alpha men in history. These were the winners. They were the ones that painted the portrait of the world, and led it to the place that they desired. These were the most successful men- in the bedroom, the boardroom, and on the battlefield. However these men were more than simply successful: they were also often men of principle and character. They inspired others to follow them and always led by example. In an era where contemporary men seem so lacking, it would be wise for us to return to the pages of history and learn examples from these figures, so that we may find happiness and fulfillment in our own lives and never let fear stop us from reaching our goals.

While I personally do not like the alpha/beta dichotomy as I think it is often either abused or reduced to an open-ended and undefinable sludge, I will use it here merely as a simplifying concept.

Though not all the men on this list had similar fates or did similar things (many of them couldn't be more different if they tried), they all share similar traits:

  • They were unrelentingly ambitious and never afraid to act on their desires, but always did so in a respectful way.
  • They were principled, but unafraid to listen to the wise council of others, and if necessary, change their beliefs.
  • They embraced reality, and did not expend energy on foolish delusions.
  • They gave no time of day to silly and inane intellectual inferiors.
  • They led, and inspired others to follow them.
  • They did not let others bring them down and prevent them from fulfilling their destiny. 
  • They never gave in to fear.
  • They did not expect anyone else to take care of their problems.
  • They were goal-driven.
  • They were never, ever, needy.

Ultimately the life of an "alpha" is about one of balance- accomplished balance, the mean between excess and deficiency.

Despite their radically different styles, goals, and career paths, all individuals profiled share these common characteristics. I believe that in this uncertain world, we as men need precisely these same characteristics to overcome significant collective obstacles and get to where we want to be in life- as well as stay there.

These men were by no means perfect, and I do not endorse every decision that they made in their lives, but they all have admirable traits. As always, the trick is to repeat the good things and not repeat the bad.


John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough 
Bruno Sammartino
Mariano Rivera Alpha male self-made men profile series

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