Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lessons From My First Two Months of Daygame

While there is much information on game available online, nothing beats real life experience. What you read often goes out the window when you're actually in the moment itself. Nevertheless, I'm writing this down both for myself and any others, particularly newbies, that might stumble across it, in the most simple, easily-executable manner possible.

Day game is quite a different animal than night or social circle game, but of course, a few things always apply. Lessons include both the constants and the differences.

Lesson 1: Don't Obsess Over One Girl

Sometimes you might be tempted to linger around one girl for too long, looking for "the perfect" opportunity to approach her, particularly if you're an analytical person who likes to be in control at all times like I am. This is a mistake. Don't waste too much energy on one girl. You'll see at least one more in seconds. If she doesn't look like a good opportunity, don't waste your time.

Lesson 2: Women Are Friendly

Approach anxiety is a crock of shit. If you look good and present yourself with confidence, you will find that most women, if they aren't busy, are probably open for a chat. When rejected, it will typically happen nicely. Out of all my approaches thus far, I've only gotten two slightly bitchy responses, and those were pathetic. Don't be afraid to approach!

Lesson 3: Don't Cut Yourself Out

A lot of guys will likely overthink things. For instance, I'm sure you've thought in the past that if a woman caught you looking at her, it was "bad." Most of them actually don't notice. If you've been looking at a woman for a while, and think it's awkward, she probably doesn't even know. Don't use it as an excuse to not approach.

This is simply an example of one of many excuses guys make to not approach. Almost all of them are baseless.

Lesson 4: Expect A Lot of Flakes

About 20% of my approaches end in phone numbers. Does that mean 20% of my approaches translate into dates? Hardly. Most of them flake. And while my text and phone game is a sticking point that needs some work, most of them are still going to flake, even with good text/phone game.

The flakes do have a use though - you get used to them. Thus immunized, you will not care if a girl flakes. This in turn will make you more outcome independent and less needy.

Lesson 5: Display Your Ambition/Work in a High Status Job

Almost every woman I have spoken with responds positively when I tell her what line of work I'm currently in and where I plan on going (thus turning the inevitable: "what do you do into?" a way to give value and not take it). I'm involved in state and local politics. This is obviously immediately associated with power. When I talk about the business I plan to start down the line, it conveys ambition and even more opportunity for status. When I talk about my real estate work on the side, there's yet more money and status.

And as we all know, the potential for status is the next best thing to actually having it.

I'll say it now and I'll say it clearly: work in a job that is in a respectable, high-status field, even if you yourself are not that high on the totem pole. One thing I would suggest to you all is to try and get your real estate sales license. While the regulations vary according to where you are, it is not that difficult, and gives you the potential to earn a lot of money. Women's antennas will naturally be tuned into this immediately.

Lesson 6: Know Your Demographics

Half of the game is figuring out what girls are likely to be into you from the start. My success rate adjusts wildly according to who I approach. I'm in my mid-twenties right now. I get very good reactions with 18-24 year-old girls and most of these approaches have ended in at least a number close. Girls in older age groups have not been as welcome. Unfortunately, my neighborhood is not exactly the best place to find those 18-24-year-olds, but there are enough places.

Be selective. Find girls that are more likely to be interested in you and focus on them.

Lesson 7: Have a Prop

Bring something interesting along with you, like a camera or a book. A book is one of my favorites, because you can talk about what a girl likes to read. Not only will this allow you to screen her as to whether she is an interesting person or not, but you can also demonstrate your worldliness and talk about emotionally-engaging things.

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