Monday, July 28, 2014

Tucker Max's Childish Shenanigans

Today is the centennial of the outbreak of World War I, and I've begun the first in a series of articles for Showdown of Arms for the coming month that will be centered around this conflict. Much as I am reluctant to take a break from crafting this article, I think it necessary to write this post for the Masculine Epic concerning a recent controversy in the community.

Earlier in the year, Tucker Max, an author (more like a sophomoric frat boy) who has claimed to have success with seducing women, and Geoffrey Miller, a disgraced academic, launched a new website centered around dating advice for men called The Mating Grounds, which I won't link to here because I don't want to give it any hits, as counterintuitive as that may seem since I'm writing about it. Oh well.

The Mating Grounds has caused a lot of controversy. Some like Frost at Thumotic wished it well and hoped that The Mating Grounds would be a good website. Others like Mike at Danger & Play immediately lambasted Tucker Max and The Mating Grounds, claiming that it was a cheap copycat site whose only modus operandi was to ignore or bash the rest of the community, whichever suited Tucker Max better.

I don't like getting involved in controversies like this if it can be avoided, especially online. So I decided to, in the words of Marcus Luttrell, "let the situation develop." However, I now think it imperative of me to make this post. This community has helped me a lot and I do not want to see it undermined by charlatans and opportunists.

When it seemed like Tucker Max and The Mating Grounds were headed firmly toward Mike's prediction: a cheap, watered-down, PC-infested site whose only purpose was to bash others and not tell the whole truth, more controversy ensued.

Now we have something to confirm it once and for all, and which compelled me to lend my voice, however limited it may be, to attacking The Mating Grounds.

In his latest podcast, Tucker Max attacked Roosh. Now, if you want to criticize someone, fine. Plenty have criticized Roosh and I don't agree with everything he says either. However, Tucker outright lied about Roosh in an attempt to damage him. Not only was the lie extremely amateurish because anyone with an IQ above 80 should be able to quickly figure it out, the lie backfired because it only undermined Tucker's own credibility, not Roosh's. Lucky, a member of the Roosh V Forum, posted the transcript here, which I will quote from:


"Exactly! Which, by the way, brings up a super good point. I didn’t know this. Scott Barry Kaufman talked about this. Apparently, one of the really big pick up artists has this book about how he slept with a bunch of women in Russia and he had, like, pictures of them. The whole thing was a lie. The Russian media called this dude out, like, all the pictures he took off, basically, Russian social media sites and all the women freaked out and this dude…he’s still seen as an expert."


"He’s so bad that the Russian media did a truth expose?"


"Do you know who I’m talking about? Roosh? That’s who it is, Roosh? So you know what I’m talking about, right? Roosh. Okay, so, whoever Roosh is…"


"The Russian media came to the defense of women and the truth…"


"Right?! That’s how fucked up the pick up artist is!"




"This dude. His whole thing was a lie! Which is, like…you know, that actually shocked me, because I know how easy it is to hook up with women. It’s not hard to hook up. You don’t need to lie about this. It’s not hard at all. That’s what’s funny. Notice how we haven’t talked about these guys aren’t actually fucking girls. Of course they’re fucking – or at least, I assume. This guy, apparently, is not. But it’s not hard to do this stuff. It’s really not."


"Yeah. If you have no conscience and you go for low-quality girls who are already drunk, yeah. Fine. Whatever."

Firstly, Roosh has never styled himself as a pickup artist, which, while relatively minor, is still a connotation that brings up negative imagery from the Mystery era of game. Pickup artists are associated with using faux tactics as a mask to pick up women. Roosh does not advocate such tactics and repeatedly emphasizes hard work in self-improvement so that you become attractive, not act like you are attractive.

More importantly (and this is absolutely key in destroying Tucker's credibility and why any guy out there should seriously question his competence), Roosh has, to my knowledge, never been to Russia. I have never seen him write posts about Russia describing its women or its culture, which is what he's most known for. The country in question over this misconstrued incident was Ukraine, not Russia.

Tucker here demonstrates that he can't even get his story straight about the countries Roosh was supposedly in, let alone anything else.

Most importantly, Tucker is defaming Roosh. By undermining his credibility and claiming he hasn't slept with any women, he is trying to damage Roosh's primary source of income based on slanderous tales.

And as a last bit of hilarity, Tucker Max and crew again undermine their own credibility by that quip by Nils about "coming to the defense of women and the truth." How feminist of a thing for them to say. They certainly aren't going to run afoul of the PC priesthood with quips like that, which should tell you all you need to know about them by itself. They put women on a pedestal.

Now for the actual truth. The thing in question was Roosh's post about reasons to visit Ukraine. Note that Roosh stated, in bold print, that he did not sleep with any of those girls.

So, Tucker is at best a misguided fool, and at worst a malicious deceiver. To further provide evidence that Tucker has nothing new to add to the conversation and that he is only trying to ride coattails, this image speaks volumes:

Notice how most of it is centered around bashing other guys, not on adding value.

I wonder what, if anything, Mark Manson will have to say regarding the criticisms of his own book and work, which I find very helpful.

It is clear that Tucker is an opportunist looking to break into the community to make money, since his other projects have been on the rocks. He offers nothing valuable or anything which hasn't already been said, and he exists seemingly only to bash other guys to make himself look better.

And if you want more proof that Tucker isn't worth listening to, this is his girlfriend:

For a man that's supposedly slept with over 100 women and is now trying to posture himself as a guru to help other guys, I think he can do better.

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