Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quarterly Report - Q2 2014

Time sure flies. It's time once again to outline where I stand in relation to my four major goals for the year.

1. My writing has once again gone excellently. On some days I'll write more, and on others less, but production has continued to remain persistent. It's really remarkable how many excuses your brain tries to give you not to move forward in life. I used to tell myself that I had writer's block and couldn't do this. I would then laze away. Well, by continuing to be productive I've busted through any blocks like a sledgehammer through glass. Write something, and that something will appear and snowball. I have finished the fourth act, and am well into the fifth. In another month or so, this thing should be done.

2. This is the one that's seen the most improvement. I've come into contact with some old friends and have just begun to gestate building the bigger social circle that I wanted. I've also done by now my first few serious ballsy daytime cold approaches without pretexts. Obviously, this has been the most gratifying accomplishment of the quarter. I always had some doubt whether or not I'd begin to conquer approach anxiety. Now it's begun to happen. As I've stated in my previous post, I approached a very beautiful model just last Friday, and likely would have at least gotten a date out of it were she not taken. A year ago I wondered deep down whether I'd ever be able to get the balls to do it. Some approach anxiety still persists (and always will), but it's becoming a lot more manageable.

Now the biggest things I need to do are twofold: continue moving in the direction I'm headed now with my approaches, and add some more sexual undertones to those conversations, and secondly, I need to be a bit more persistent when it comes to building up a bigger social circle. I should look for events to go to that would not only allow me to meet girls, but to network.

3. When it comes to my fitness, my legs have improved the most this quarter. The new leg routine has begun to sculpt them into tree trunk projections of solid, lean, muscle. My upper body seems to have plateaued somewhat though, at least with the stuff I'm doing now, so I need to adjust. I need to pay attention to what I eat more, hence why I began a serious nutrition journal yesterday. Ultimately I still want to get more size. If I can gain just another 1.5 or so inches across my shoulders, I will be very close to the golden ratio regarding my shoulder-to-waist comparison. If I can gain another two inches for each shoulder, I will be exactly there. I'll say that it really helps having a naturally slim waist, and I want to make sure my bulk is as clean as possible. To that end I think I'll experiment with this plan (or something like it), but I need to make sure my body fat does not go significantly over where it is now (11% or so).

4. This is the area that currently needs the most work. Throughout the second quarter I've begun to lay more of a foundation for my online businesses to grow. Showdown of Arms is up and running, and I've begun to build the foundations of a strong, thriving forum (and hey, if you're interested in battles, whether that be historical or fictional, and want to discuss some current events with cool and smart non-PC people, feel free to join). The OBD Wiki also continues to run. I have joined the Amazon Associates program and made a couple of sales.

The real money isn't coming in yet though, which makes sense since I just started the sites. In the meantime, I need to find a way to make more. Unfortunately my drive to get my real estate license has stalled due to odd circumstances. Also, trying to find a higher paying job just absolutely sucks, even when you have the requirements they ask for and then some, still nothing. But complaining is for losers. I need to apply to more jobs, that simple - but not just any ones, ones that will help me build the social capital I'll need to start the consulting business I want to start in the future.

And there you have it.

Writing: Excellent
Social Development: Very good
Workouts/Exercise/Nutrition: Good
Making Money: Progressing, but needs improvement

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