Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pathetic White Knight Attempts to Preach in 140 Characters

Alright, so you all know that I typically think "hashtag activism" is lame and that social media is a disease. That's why I don't usually pay attention to what goes on there. I had to research what this was.

Apparently according to some feminist groups, clapping induces anxiety. Therefore the NUS Women's Campaign are requesting that their delegates move to Jazz Hands. So basically feminists want to make everything dull and silent, in other words, dead. No surprise there. I wonder if Jazz Hands will soon trigger the feels as they can be confused for pointing, and pointing is rude, after all. At any rate, #nuswomen15 is the "hashtag" associated with this idea.

Naturally, this campaign was promptly mocked and the hashtag seemingly taken over by the detractors. A great example of spatial dominance in action.

Enter James Blythe, the dashing white knight to the rescue:
This is James Blythe:

Surprised? I'm not.

The response to his white knighting (and over something patently absurd - forget things that on their face might have some merit worth discussing) is overwhelmingly negative. Humorously, he hasn't received any positive reaction from the women who are mocking him just as much as the men. Who said equality can't exist?

He's at Oxford of course.

As the bicentennial of the Battle of Waterloo continues to approach rapidly, I think the Duke of Wellington and his stubborn redcoats would be at the very least flabbergasted that this is what is called a "man" in Britain these days.

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