Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Straight White Man's Guide to Surviving the PC World

Alright, so we all know that the suicide rate for white men is higher than it is for most other groups. Why this is, to my knowledge, has not been fully explained. Though one thing should seem obvious - it is now pretty much open season, culturally, on straight white men (it is for men in general but white men in particular).

Unlike other groups, this group cannot claim victimhood because no one cares or wants to understand their issues, handwaving them away. That's fine. The victim culture is for the weak and I want no part in it.

Instead, I wrote a brief passage on a relevant video which I'm copying below. Here's how you excel:

1. Realize that the modern cultural zeitgeist hates you. You can take this information in one of two ways. You can either sink in despair or you can let it motivate you to live the life you always wanted so you can have the satisfaction of flipping it the bird. Make sure you choose the latter.

The other points are just a subset of the first.

2. Recognize that most people are mediocre and sink into what Louis XIV called "inactivity and indolence." Our most vocal detractors tend to be outright losers. Laugh at them.
3. You must rediscover the masculine virtues of rationality combined with decisive action stretching ever upward. Every obstacle overcome makes you a stronger man. Recognize that you are the descendant of warriors, kings, and very, very alpha men.
4. Lift weights.
5. Learn game.
6. Don't dress like an emasculated hipster.
7. Discover your natural talents and make long term plans of how to utilize them. Resolve to not be a wage slave forever. You must sell something other than your labor to get rich.
8. Read about and learn from the examples of other great men in the past.
9. Keep a blog or journal of all your adventures so you see your growth and learn.

Be aware. Look good. Learn game. Get rich. You will be free and be the epitome of what the modern zeitgeist hates. This will amuse you because you will be powerful and your detractors will not. That's the best revenge.

Depending on circumstances this might take many years, but the willingness to do the work is what separates the champs from the chumps.

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