Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quarterly Report - Q1 2015

How time flies.

1. Regarding this, I have made slow, agonizingly slow, progress. I'm now qualified as a licensed real estate salesperson in New York and am just waiting for the paperwork to get in order before I can do business. I've also been on a few interviews and have received some calls, which means my resume is pretty good. I just need a bit more luck. I think that there will be a decisive tipping point, as there was last year in other areas, where I'll reach the plateau I seek. I just need to keep at it.

Overall: Satisfactory

2. With regards to my book, I've gone over it one time and am in the process of editing it again. I'll likely need to take it to a professional after that, and then think of how I'll publish it. Slow and steady progress is the way to go for now. The hard work is truly done.

Overall: Good

3. I haven't been able to do anything revolutionary in my fitness this year, but I have upped my routines in a more creative way and have gained somewhat - a very small somewhat, on my shoulders, chest, and even my maddeningly slow lats. I could be doing more, but what I have done so far hasn't been bad.

Overall: Satisfactory

4. This is the one that's lagging. After starting off strong, my game has lagged somewhat and my momentum has slowed. Severe weather this winter has limited my outings, and a string of rejections after a long string of successes can mess with your morale somewhat. I still haven't branched out yet. I've been wanting to take care of goal #1 first, but part of me is questioning this and wonders weather I should just go ahead anyway, even though I might not be 100% prepared. Waiting for the perfect moment is sometimes counterproductive.

Overall: _ (Really, there's been a lot of outside limitations I've had no control over with this one)

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