Monday, May 18, 2015

Reevaluating Nightgame

Last Friday night, I went out with a new group of wings. This was a rare foray into night game for me, as I have day gamed exclusively for the past year. As I have been honing my craft and getting good at game during daytime interactions with women, I was curious to see how those skills would transfer over to a night game environment.

I have previously been very skeptical about spending time on night game because in my mind, it did, and quite frankly still does, have numerous disadvantages:

1. There are cockblockers.
2. You need to compete with loud music to have a conversation.
3. Girls are usually in groups with friends that you need to navigate, which could easily turn into cockblocking.
4. The demographics are often unfavorable - there are usually more men than women in the venue.
5. All the betas in the place - often drunk, will make girls more defensive.

The question is however, whether the advantages of night game can outweigh these assumed disadvantages. In my mind, there are two major advantages of night game that seem to make it well worth the time and which I have perhaps failed to grasp fully:

1. There is less approach anxiety because it is a social venue and you are expected to meet people (irrelevant if you're already at a stage where your approach anxiety has been reduced to the margins, but significant for beginners).
2. Most importantly, at least some of the girls there are sexually available (and as you will recall from my Craig Proctor post, some is all you need). They are open to the possibility of meeting a cool guy and having sex with him - either that night or after some dates. As a proportion compared to the general population, there will be far more sexually available women in a night venue than during the day.

I noticed immediately upon entering that I felt basically no approach anxiety. As expected, my accumulated experience in the day kept that on the margins. Still, I played how I usually played, staying back and looking around for girls that I thought were likely to be receptive. The story of how this eventually played out can be seen in the link at the top.

Overall my experience that night made me question some of these assumptions I had about night game:

1. The cockblocking was there, but it was done in such an inept fashion that a guy with some game experience could have easily gotten through it, and I did.
2. The demographic situation of the night was certainly at base unfavorable. In the first place we went to, there were many different age groups, but it was somewhat expected since it was a high-end place in Midtown. For what it's worth, this is a shot of the skyline view from the joint:

Empire State Building

However, an astute man can turn seemingly unfavorable situations like these into favorable ones by being aware of the principal of assortative mating.

Readers should be familiar with this principle. The entire purpose of game awareness is essentially assortative mating - to improve your success in attracting high quality women by becoming high quality yourself. High quality women want high quality men and vice versa. If you manipulate this to your advantage, you will get those high quality women.

Consider some of what I said on RVF. In stark contrast to a lot of guys there, including the one that tried to cockblock me, my friends and I were all dressed like winners and were young and fit. The point is that while the demographics in absolute numbers may not be favorable, you can in effect take advantage of something like a per capita rate by excelling all the betas and thus driving the hot young girls to you. This is in effect what happened at this place both with my friend and with myself. From there, use game to find the sexually available women.

One point I would however make is that you don't want to walk into a place that's a sausagefest. No matter how good you are, you should select a place that has a reasonable amount of women looking to buy. One of the places we walked into on Friday was a massive sausagefest so we left immediately.

Night game, because of the sexual atmosphere, also allows for greatly amped physical escalation, which would be inappropriate during the daytime. The leads you generate will therefore probably be more solid. Whereas I often find myself losing momentum too quickly from daygame girls, night game momentum, due to the increased sexualized atmosphere, is far more concrete. I'm maintaining momentum with minimal effort with Friday's girl. The experience of being sexually ramped up with another person is not lost so easily.

I'm still only really scratching the surface. It will take some more time to figure out all of the assumptions and how they can be tweaked based on empirical experience, but I think I'm on the right track.

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