Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Bardic Circle Episode 1: Finding True Glory while Enduring the Freak Show

A Bardic Circle was a place for our ancestors to go to hear and share beautiful stories and music. This new stream/podcast will be ostensibly about sharing stories based on two major themes - kicking ass and navigating the freak show we live in.

June of 2015 appears to be a particularly freakish month - and it's only half over. Episode 1 of the Bardic Circle is with a longtime buddy and accurate social critic, Immortal Watchdog. In it, we discuss the freakishness we've seen this month, some underlying causes behind the freak show the West has become, and the need for a new philosophy to counteract the degenerate narrative, one based on a return to achievement and beauty that is at once fulfilling individually and socially. This lifestyle philosophy is what I call "True Glory," which I think will be crucial for a new overall social narrative. We talk about what it means and the mindset to get there.

- Intro.
- 1:27: Immortal Watchdog on how technology contributes to the freakishness, and relays his story of attending a conference of leaders in different circles, division among the Latino community's politics, but nevertheless a uniting to "keep the crazy at bay."
- 4:27: The division between old school liberals and the "social justice" crowd, with some personal examples, and #NotYourShield.
- 9:45: Bruce Jenner and the lionization of transgenderism - bordering on child abuse, malicious attention whoring, and the shortcomings of psychology as a science.
- 18:54: Deconstructivism and the "Social Justice Industrial Complex" - degeneracy as a form of self-aggrandizement.
- 20:08: Information access and narcissism in the West.
- 23:05: The need for external struggles, using my grandfather's example. The race to the bottom with the need to create a struggle from nothing.
- 26:43: Mattress Girl makes a porno.
- 32:51: "Rape culture" as a fad, and the skepticism that must come when examining public rape accusations, "Roosh's Law."
- 37:16: Real rape cultures.
- 38:55: "Rape culture" as part of the Social Justice Industrial Complex, the abuse of Title IX, and perverse incentives.
- 43:07: Does college serve a purpose anymore? The negatives surrounding universities in the present economy.
- 45:39: Despair and stagnation in the West leading to neurotic behavior as seen in "social justice." Possible futures.
- 52:30: Resource shortages and more on possible futures.
- 1:01:32: Rachel Dolezal and "transracialism." Is oppression the the aspiration of Westerners now? Is that the calling?
- 1:09:40: The disconnect between African immigrants and African-Americans, how the left has failed Black culture, identity politics supplanting the New Deal Coalition, with disastrous consequences for the groups it claims to represent, politics and voting as a tribal activity.
- 1:17:40: Correcting social issues, manufactured problems, and irresponsible media manipulation.
- 1:22:09: Future social problems centered around identity and resources, irresponsible media manipulation continued.
- 1:26:22: The Duggars and the hypocrisy vis a vis Lena Dunham, and the normalization of pedophilia.
- 1:42:33: IWD's Libertarianism, the deadness of Europe.
- 1:44:58: Social justice in action in New York City with Bill de Blasio as Mayor, libertarianism must have with it a "duty to the polis."
- 1:50:25: Status whoring by showing how "tolerant" you are and how that relates to politics, Hillary Clinton, her failures, and identity politics driving her candidacy.
- 1:54:51: The True Glory philosophy a part of the answer to the neuroticism and degeneracy in the West.
- 1:56:53: Bruce Jenner as an example of kleos gone wrong, the cosmic perspective, the necessity of accomplishing work greater than yourself.
- 2:00:56: The genetic legacy you leave behind as part of your work.
- 2:03:56: The capability of humans to leave behind a legacy beyond their DNA as being the most important part of the work, the ethos of the Homeric heroes needing to guard against disgrace to their names.
- 2:05:30: Anyone can leave a mark on history, the civic obligations in blood and deeds, the individual combined with the social responsibility in True Glory.
- 2:12:46: My own path.
- 2:13:18: The need to not be destitute even while pursuing your path. The average person probably needs to find a glory in the pursuit of wealth like Crassus or Rockefeller, however, the pursuit of wealth for its own sake can lead to misery.
- 2:16:01: The hero who failed in his lifetime, but whose deeds are known afterward, the unsung hero as a model of nobility.
- 2:16:19: Pursuing True Glory does not mean you'll get there, the importance of doing the work, the fickleness of fortune, the danger of a dopamine rush without the work - these are the actions of a drug addict.
- 2:19:20: The importance of faith, convictions, and enthusiasm in the integrity of your work and beliefs, how they must never be compromised, get up every day wanting to kick ass, even when your own ass gets kicked, the example of Marcus Luttrell in BUD/S.
- 2:23:03: The role of the ego and delusion in pursuit of True Glory.
- 2:25:51: Kleos as the social perspective to keep your work from getting neurotic.
- 2:27:28: The bicentennial of the Battle of Waterloo, analysis of the battle and its effects, and analogies to today.
- 2:37:30: The need to put forward a different narrative to "social justice," and some last thoughts on the path.

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