Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Bardic Circle Episode 2: Staying Grounded in the Heart of Darkness

Libertas/Nevermind and Immortal Watchdog discuss the events in Charleston, New York City, the social atmospheres that contributed to them, and how to stay grounded with a positive new narrative.

- Intro.
- 1:40: An overview of the shooting in Charleston.
- 4:55: The "rationality" behind the crime as compared to other mass shootings.
- 8:15: The plight of the omega male in America, the social atmosphere turning these males into radicals.
- 31:47: The tangent of the Confederate Flag, the whitewashing of Civil War history, the erasure of history by radicals of
all kinds, status whoring of SJW's that are primarily white Northerners who don't really give a shit about blacks in the
1:03:10: How do we set a positive example for omega males that might fall through the cracks? How can they figure a way out?
1:13:00: Glory through action, action as inducing men to follow the example of winning men, with an example. The place of
pride and confidence in a healthy society, instilling guilt instead of virtue in modern society.
1:19:20: Fostering natural talents in people as part of the path, the place for a dual power strategy to deconstruct the
narrative. Glory is possible - but only with work.
1:22:32: How do we stay grounded in the heart of darkness? The internal sense of self-worth and grace in staying grounded,
the importance of immunizing yourself from defeat and failure through failing. Goal-oriented callings to ensure that no
void gets filled with destructive behavior.
1:33:31: There is some light shining into the darkness. #GamerGate's victory, recent information coming out of the Freddie
Gray case in Baltimore.
1:42:50: A breakthrough is waiting to happen, embracing the challenges with vigor.

Interview with a Confederate soldier on the mindset of those fighting.

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