Monday, September 9, 2013

Letter to my Rep in Congress About Syria

Most of us probably know about the looming disaster that is the proposed military intervention in Syria. I just sent this email to my representative demanding that she oppose the President. If any of my readers would like to do the same, here is a copy of my letter which you can use:

"As a lifelong young constituent in your district, I am urging you to oppose any American involvement in the Syrian Civil War. As a naive 15-year-old ten years ago, I supported the war in Iraq. Several years later I had a rude awakening in what a mistake that had been. 

Now the President tells us we must intervene in Syria? For what purpose, and with what plan? He seems to shy away from giving serious answers to these questions. If there is one lesson to be learned from the last decade, it is that military intervention should only occur when: 

A) A vital American security interest is at stake. 

B) There is a clear plan for engagement and victory, lest the armed forces be dragged down in a quagmire. 

Anything less is deceptive and not worth the cost of blood and treasure. Perhaps the ultimate test as to whether military action is justified that can be taken is the draft test- would you support a draft for young American men to engage in the proposed conflict? If the answer is no, it likely doesn't hold water. Syria certainly does not, and so I am urging you, my representative, to stand up and say no to any American military intervention in Syria. Thank you." Syria 2013 Chemical Weapons

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