Saturday, September 14, 2013

Have You Checked Your Privilege Today?

Today I came across yet another spawn of the temple to social justice that is Tumblr: the privilege test. Likely crafted by some GYPSY woman with too much time on her hands, the test asks the taker to evaluate him/herself based on factors, some of which are controllable, most not, and translate those evaluations into a numerical value to list on the "privilege" spectrum. I took the test and scored a 125. That means that I "need to check my privilege every day."

Notice how the entire "test" is not only vague, but deeply stereotypical. It presumes that it knows more about the lives of others than its respondents, based mostly on unchosen attributes assigned at birth. Notice how it is also therefore very racist and sexist in its undertones- all whites and men are automatically "privileged" and all blacks and women are automatically victims, no matter their circumstances in life. One person is automatically guilty and the other is automatically a victim, and there is nothing that can be done about it. One person automatically needs to hold himself back, lest his privilege be showing, and the other needs to constantly feel as if he is being held back. Yet this same test probably came from someone that is or would happily identify with being an "anti-racist or anti-sexist."

Of course, the hypocrisy of the cultural Marxists on the left is something that has been remarked upon by many time and time again, and this test did not surprise me. It should simply be more evidence that it is the product of an intellectually bankrupt ideology, based mostly around unhappy, narcissistic people that crave attention and would rather throw bitch fits than take positive steps to improve their lives.

I did an earlier post about conservatives being found to be more happy than leftists, and this is pretty direct evidence as to why. Tumblr Social Justice Cultural Marxism Privilege

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