Saturday, September 21, 2013

Is the Assault on the Cathedral an Excuse not to Approach?

A week ago via the "twittersphere" (god how I hate that word), I came across an article that basically said that a lot of the attacks on the Cathedral (the politically correct, egalitarian mindset that infests politics and culture to the core) from the "Manosphere" (another term I dislike) was in fact being used as an excuse to do something other than approaching women. Sorry, I can't remember the link or who wrote it.

To a certain extent, I agree with this assessment, especially for beginners to the game, like myself. Approach Anxiety, to put it simply, can be overwhelming. The irrational fear that is generated in your brain can be so complete and total that you absolutely shut down. The biological computer that is your brain then goes into safe mode, and the limited user interface kicks into play- you slink away with your tail between your legs. There is not a single man that this hasn't happened to. In fact, some men have stated that they would rather be in combat than cold approach a woman they find attractive, so overwhelming is this fear.

I think that for beginners to the game who don't have a lot of experience, it's easy to fall back onto bashing the PC machine, and not facing down this very real fear. I have been and still am a victim to this. While approaching in a nighttime or social environment isn't so overwhelming to me anymore, approaching during the day (which is actually better suited to my personality) is something that constantly garbles my brain and makes it go back into safe mode. Despite all logic to the contrary, the irrationality of the fear is like a faulty code that is difficult to remove, even with the anti-virus (to continue the analogy) that game allows you to have (all the self-improvement, etc). The lack of a social cue can really make Approach Anxiety worse, especially during the day, despite the day in my mind being far better to approach women (this latter logic again, gets garbled by the former anxiety).

This is of course, not an excuse to not work on this with vigor, but I believe that the point of the original article- that the bashing of the Cathedral as an excuse to avoid this necessary work- the path of least resistance, is often valid. It has been with me. The message is clear: you still need to approach women and work on overcoming any anxieties that may prevent you from doing so. You are unlikely to be successful in doing that if you devote all of your time to attacking the politically correct black hole of a culture that we live in (not to mention that it leaves you filled with negative thoughts and emotions- a BAD thing to have if you plan on approaching women later on that day).

This is not to say that the attacks against the Cathedral are unimportant, however. They naturally follow an awareness of game. Game is a sometimes rude awakening that most of the stuff you were told to do as a boy around women: being extremely nice, treating her with more respect than you do yourself, buying her a drink, supplication, etc. are in fact, sexually repugnant to her, and that women are often attracted to men with very shady characteristics, with the common denominator being that they are unapologetic and dead set on accomplishing their goals. They live for themselves. With this awareness comes the obviousness of the underlying truth: that there are very real biological differences between men and women- not just physically, but in the way the sexes tend to think and behave. While this should be obvious, politically correct, egalitarian social constructivist theory tries its very best to swim against this current, and through the engineering of a powerful ship, it has done just that with some success. Game is therefore a direct attack against social constructivism, and the recognition of the religion that is the Cathedral often follows.

And the attack on the Cathedral is important, if we wish to be a freer and more responsible people and reverse the ridiculous, emotionally-based ideology that has a stranglehold on discourse in Western society.

Nevertheless, it needs to be a distant secondary focus. The building of your own personal empire is more important in leading a fulfilling life, and that means approaching women. It means facing down unsettling anxieties. It's a daunting challenge, but it needs to be faced without excuses.

There is some merit to debating the overall emphasis that cold approach should take, but that is a different, though related, topic. The Cathedral Egalitarianism Feminism Cold Approach Pick-Up PC

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