Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Take on Fat Shaming Week

This week, Return of Kings launched Fat Shaming Week. The associated #FatShamingWeek on the attention whoring sphere that is Twitter has gotten quite the response. As readers of this blog already know, I've earlier written an entry about the Fat Acceptance Movement, so I'm no fan of those that take pride in their being overweight.

I don't particularly like insulting people, and will never do so just for the sake of it. Calling people out brutally on their bullshit is a guilty pleasure of mine, but there's always a reason for my doing so. Many of the tweets and articles at ROK are purely insulting, and that's fine if that's their style. Laughing at people that get so easily offended is another pleasure of mine.

My participation in Fat Shaming Week though, is intended to be a mostly positive one (if that makes sense). I believe it should be best used to honestly and where necessary, brutally criticize the Fat Acceptance Movement, smash its terrible arguments and innate narcissism, and motivate people into a positive kind of fat acceptance as Scooby highlights below:

If we can make it clear that no, we don't accept the fact that they are fat, that we will not coddle them and give them what they arrogantly think we owe them, that they are not beautiful, and that we in truth, want to motivate them with the tough love that they need in order to incentivize them to lose weight, then Fat Shaming Week is a success. Bullying for its own sake is something that will happen, but something I won't be doing.

Too many lives and too much money is on the line to bend over backwards and accommodate clearly unhealthy people just so that their feelings aren't hurt. Endless toleration is a recipe for the destruction of any worthy society. The fat pride movement is an example of such.

Fat Shaming Week should be a firm 'NO,' not a fingerpointing game that the PC crowd plays too often. I believe that the guys in the know see it the same way. Fat Shaming Week Twitter Obesity


  1. "Tough love" doesn't actually work, genius:

  2. Couldn't agree more. As much as I like RoK, their approach is over the top, mean-spirited, and in my opinion, more about catharsis than achieving a positive outcome. They're going after the wrong target. The feminists who provide unhealthy people with convenient rationalizations are deliberately taking advantage of a female weakness for their own political gain.

  3. Generally agreed, though it is also somewhat amusing to see the equally over-the-top and childish reactions of the people that get so easily offended, which exposes their own massive insecurities.