Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring is in the Air!

I love the spring. It's my favorite time of the year, for a wide variety of reasons.

There's obviously something very psychologically gratifying about the spring. The cold chill of winter is at last in retreat, and the flowers and trees are starting to blossom. This makes for a spectacular sight in New York. Sometimes you will find yourself walking under canopies of white flowers which will grow into leaves on the trees, with a smattering of pink ones thrown in for good measure.

The days are growing longer, and the temperatures are just right - neither too hot, nor too cold.

Spring fills the senses with happiness.

In addition to that, baseball season is back. I love to watch the Yankees play, and love to get out to the Stadium. Even better is playing the game myself (when I have time to). I definitely want to play some more ball this year.

Not the least beneficial aspect of the spring is that girls are out in force - and they're showing off a bit of skin. And that brings me to a goal I want to set for myself.

I haven't done enough socially this winter (more on that in my quarterly report at the end of the month), but I have pushed myself when I can. Reading Think & Grow Rich and associating with my chosen Twenty Men has certainly helped my mindset in this. It has helped me a lot in controlling fear. I've pushed myself to talk to people I would not have talked to earlier. A lesson to learn from all of it is that people are friendly, or at the very least polite.

Most people just aren't going to be rude to you. There's no reason to be afraid. Shyness is all inside the mind. Controlling your thoughts and thinking this way repeatedly (a la Think & Grow Rich) does start to slowly mold your frame and change your subconscious.

I've trained myself (mostly) to make eye contact with girls I'm attracted to, and smile at them. Many of them will smile back. Obviously this doesn't necessarily mean they're attracted, but it is a good way to start a conversation, no bullshit complicated openers required. One girl was eyeballing me just today as I was on my way to an appointed task. And she was with her man too, go figure. Many girls really do just want to meet somebody new, and spring is a great time for that.

And so I really want to start making more daygame approaches this spring. It might still be a tall order for me to handle, but I do want to try. My anxieties have certainly lessened over the winter. Reading, consciously controlling my body language (which is a great way to increase your own self-confidence, by the way - I make sure to walk like a king any time I'm out now - slowly, shoulders back, head held slightly up, and feet shoulder-width apart when standing), and doing sometimes subtle tasks, sometimes not, really goes a long way to change your frame in slow, steady steps. Gaining a few pounds of muscle over the winter hasn't hurt either, and I have conquered many negative habits while keeping emotions in check.

It's time to step further. I really want and need to push myself there. I always greet the arrival of April with tremendous enthusiasm, but I want to make it even better this year.

And really, it's all in good fun.

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