Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quarterly Report - Q1 2014

Time for me to outline my progress towards my goals for this year and hold myself accountable to myself and my audience.

1. My writing has gone very well. I've forced myself to sit down and write at least a few pages a day, and I've made substantial progress because of that. Whereas a year ago I struggled madly with this book, I've now begun the final arc of the fourth act. Granted this will be the longest and most complex one, but if I stay on my present course I just may be able to have this thing finished by the fall of this year. Gotta keep at it.

2. This is the one that's been the most lacking. I haven't gone out to enough social occasions. I need to call up some people, re-establish connections, and get out there. I also need to approach women in earnest. However, I've begun a course that will allow more social practice and a more social way to make money. This will be outlined in #4.

3. While I need to lift heavier weights, I have made some decent gains over the winter, gaining around 3-5 lbs of muscle. This may not sound like a lot but for someone with as high a metabolism as I have, this is not insignificant. My lats have flared up somewhat, my pecs have grown, my abs are more visible than they were before, and I'm starting to get a noticeable V taper. This is good progress, but that doesn't mean I can't do more, and I haven't been doing everything I could be. So it's time to get on that, especially now with the warm weather coming in.

4. An unexpected opportunity came up over the winter, and I took advantage of it. The money from this is slowly starting to come in. While the revenues from the new OBD Wiki have thus far been modest, I'm making over 7,000% more with it than I am with these blogs. I expected this sort of occurrence.

Additionally, my new website, in which I plan to begin a niche publication and forum, is now up. It took longer than I expected to start (for reasons outside my control), but I have plans to move forward with it swiftly, and that is what I am doing. How it turns out is up in the air for now. I am taking advantage of my considerable network to get it off the ground as quickly as possible.

In addition to these two things, I have begun, and am mostly complete with, the procedures to become licensed to sell real estate in New York. I just need to take the final exams. While I don't wish to be a realtor full-time, it is a nice way to make some extra money, and it puts you in more social situations, so it gives you more practice in that area. Anyone will tell you that someone that works on a computer all day will not be as good socially (and of course, in approaching girls) as someone that works in a more social occupation, and real estate is a nicely social one, which can give you some decent money.

So while I'm still not making the money I want, I have made good progress in laying a foundation to go where I want to over the winter.

I'm not entirely satisfied with my progress over the winter, but I've worked toward where I want to be, and a year ago I never would have done this, so stuck in stasis as I was.

Now I need to do double the effort in progressing in the spring.

On a scale of excellent to poor, I would rate myself in the following ways:

Writing: Excellent
Social Practice: Fair
Workouts/Exercise/Nutrition: Satisfactory
Making Money: Fair

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