Friday, July 17, 2015

The Bardic Circle Episode 3: Antifragility as the Backlash to Pussification

On this third episode, the events of the day are discussed as well as the broader concepts of antifragility and the pussification of the West.

- Intro, Ariana Grande, and the SJW's eating their own.
- 8:48: Donald Trump and his momentum, problems in Central America, people living vicariously through Trump.
- 12:25: Donald Trump as an example of antifragility, the importance of being antifragile in the inquisitorial atmosphere
we live in, Thick Libertarianism, and freedom as being not only a question of government, but one of culture.
- 16:56: "Social Justice" as an example of coalition warfare, with all of its instabilities.
- 24:42: The importance of being antifragile continued, the realization of the pussification of the West as the first step
on the road to antifragility, the raising and coddling of a pussified generation that denies reality.
- 31:08: The difference between older Millennials born in the 80's and the younger ones born in the 90's. The latter is far
more pussified, the SJW stuff took off when younger Millennials came of age around 2010, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner as an example
of the un-courage the present generation aspires to.
- 37:30: The denigration of traditional masculinity, femininity, and normality, problems in men and women.
- 45:37: "Social Justice" coalition warfare continued, the fragility of the current population.
- 48:37: The media no longer attempting to hide its liberal bias, Donald Trump continued, the belief in American
exceptionalism fueling Trump's campaign.
- 52:04: Donald Trump's role in changing the narrative.
- 58:06: How can we become good soldiers in the culture war?
- 59:24: Putting yourself on the path to financial independence, the importance of having multiple sources of revenue, the
power of the internet as a means to independent revenue, always want more.
- 1:03:06: Getting into the mindset of not being a wage slave forever - working for a corporation is not antifragile,
research the way that money works and trading for a few hours a day as a means of supplemental income via trading, figure
out HOW you will make money, the importance of gaming the tax code - find every single loophole you can.
- 1:08:42: The most realistic way to emulate Trump is to release the filter and not back down, making normality a good thing
- 1:10:37: Financial independence as a goal specifically for the young, the importance of not wasting your 20's, the worst
mistake I ever made, no apologies as the first step, financial independence as the second step, Donald Trump always on the
offensive, "all you need to do is stand and fire three shots a minute" - we are strong, they are weak.
- 1:15:55: Traveling and seeing other countries and people giving you a strong perspective, it is decidedly not a waste of
- 1:20:53: Have an end goal in mind that aligns with your talents, then start on it as early as you can, the importance of
creating a work that is beautiful, combine this with an attitude of never apologizing.
- 1:24:53: The role of schools in sanitizing the individual of any character, the control mechanism of education.
- 1:31:33: Setting the tone and mindset of being an antifragile man (having an antifragile CHARACTER) through some basic
actions - bodybuilding and approaching women.
- 1:34:22: The disappearance of old-fashioned romance and normal socialization.
- 1:40:10: Bodybuilding, approaching, and reading about other great men are the three things that will start you on the path
RIGHT NOW, The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Cicero.
- 1:44:50: How to get over the fear of approaching girls.
- 1:48:30: Mein Kempf as an important book to read to gain insight into the nature of fanaticism, Year Zero ideology.
- 1:49:50: Summing up - reclaim your masculinity right now through bodybuilding, reading great men, and approaching girls,
take stock of your talents and vision, and get your kleos through creating a work designed to last forever.
- 1:53:21: The shooting in Tennessee, Obama as the epitome of what is wrong with the modern man and a divisive leader.
- 2:03:27: We must prevent Hillary from getting in.
- 2:05:46: Despite how overwhelming this can get, the only thing you can do is focus on making yourself the best you can.
You can only control yourself, your horse, and your sword as you charge with the cavalry.

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