Saturday, June 14, 2014

...And Then They Fight You

Likely as part of the ongoing echoes of Elliot Rodger, comedian Chris Gethard (who I'd heard of but never saw) made this video attacking the men's underground online (for lack of a better term, because it's a wide community, so wide that trying to lump them all together as these people are trying to do really constitutes a fallacy of composition):

It was hard for me to watch this (hell it's hard for me just to look at the thumbnail), but watch it I did. While Elliot Rodger still of course takes the cake for most pathetic male of 2014 (thus far), this guy is a solid runner-up. This guy is an absolute fucking loser. He may have gotten lucky and made it big in comedy, but he has the mentality of a loser, and if he had not been so fortunate, he would be a nameless nobody, and content with it.

First let's talk about the non-verbal communication. The guy looks like a nerd. Smug, emasculated smile. Thick-rimmed glasses, slouched shoulders. You can obviously tell he doesn't work out. Bad style. Then of course there's his voice. It is weak, submissive, completely lacking in power. He is speaking from his throat, not his chest and diaphragm. Most communication, as we know, is non-verbal, and you can tell just by these things that what he actually does say is going to be completely worthless. He does not disappoint.

Most of the video consists of the usual Cultural Marxist shaming tactics, sprinkled with a bit of factual inaccuracies (the wage gap myth). Standard PC stuff. Then he goes into what makes the video stand out.

First he talks about how he didn't have the best time in high school given his appearance. But it "turns out OK." We all know this probably meant he wound up settling in some way. Instead of trying to actually improve his appearance, he settles.

Then he goes into the most hilarious part of this aptly titled "rant.:"

"You'll realize you'll just want to have an HDTV and a lady who thinks you're reasonably cool. One day you'll be like 37 and you'll have a mortgage and you'll be totally OK with that. You'll be completely fine."

In other words, perpetually working for somebody else, getting into debt, and settling for whatever girl you can get is totally fine. Don't aim for anything higher than mediocrity. Mediocrity is fine.

I suspect he probably wants to pull us all down to the level of his own inner misery. He does this by pulling out the standard leftist shaming tactics (in this case calling you a "woman hater") if you disagree with him.

It's hilarious, but also sad. Twenty years ago this guy would be laughed at like the nerd that he is. Now he thinks he's actually in a position to tell other men what they should do.

However, it's also a sign that we're beginning to reach the "then they fight you" portion of Gandhi's famous quote.

The ignoring phase was just that.

The laughing phase was when game first started to come to the mainstream and people laughed at the douchebags in top hats (somewhat justifiably). This then carried over to the next generation where they tried to lump all of the men's underground into that same category.

When they began to realize that that was not the case, and that the underground was continuing to gather steam, the fangs began to come out. This is the latest iteration. It's pathetic, but a sign of a positive step forward.

Because we all know what happens after they fight you.

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