Thursday, June 19, 2014

Two Approaches & A Fast Learning Curve

This is just a copy/paste of a post I made on the Roosh V forum, since I'm too lazy to do an entirely original entry this morning:

Two approaches yesterday.


I was sitting next to this girl on the train. Blonde, green eyes. She got off on the same stop I did. I made eye contact with her a few times, and even though she was wearing headphones, I just opened indirect.

We just talked about the heat first, and then she mentioned she was from Florida originally. I told her I used to go down there a lot when I was younger. Connection made. We had a pretty good conversation from there and she was quite friendly. When her transfer train came I asked her to get coffee but she said she had a boyfriend. I used my usual counter, but I think a bit too late, oh well.

Were it not for the boyfriend I think I would have had this one.

Things I think I could have done better on the approach though, are as follows:

1. Although my voice tone and body language was dominant (again guys, working out and consistently practicing speaking by making videos and podcasts REALLY helps to make you naturally good in these areas), I should have asserted a more sexual vibe as Gio says. I did however assert some dominance by signaling her to stop talking when a train was approaching and she complied. That was good.
2. I should have given her one specific compliment. I liked her perfume. That would have been an ideal choice, but I forgot it in the heat of the moment.


This was the first time I actually approached a girl on the street. Dark hair, nice tits. On the way home, I saw her wandering back and forth and asked humorously if she was lost. She responds in a foreign accent that she wasn't. There was my opening, as I asked her where she was from. She told me she was from France, and Paris specifically.

This was also a connection because my brother visited Paris last year. So we talked about Paris vs New York. Again it was a nice conversation but the girl was in a rush. She told me she needed to find her bank. At the end of the block she went off.

What I should have done was grab her by the arm and with a masculine smile asked her what bank she needed to find, as I have lived in this neighborhood my whole life and I would certainly be more efficient at finding it than you are, or something like that.

But hey, this is how you learn. It's pretty amazing how much momentum you can get after doing an approach, even if it doesn't end the way you want. All the fear is utter bullshit. This stuff is fun.

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